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Best Basketball Gift Ideas for Basketball Fans


Here at Sports Gifts 4u we are going to have a look at the 10 best Basketball gift ideas you could buy for the baller in the family. We have trawled through what’s hot and what’s not so you can get the perfect gift for your little hooper. We have also included some premium gifts to cater for those a little too old to don their teams Jersey and shoot some 3 pointers. 


10. Basketball Hoop


The Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54” mobile basketball system is a must for old and young hoopers alike. The angled pole gives you that extra space to give you that Authentic feel of playing on your favorite court.

This would be a fantastic gift for someone with the need to move the hoop. Alternately, we have the Silverback NXT 54” Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height professional hoop which is the perfect hoop and wouldn’t look out of place fixed to the wall over the nicest of driveways.


A Spalding Basketball Hoop


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9. The Perfect Basketball Gift Idea

A basketball is always a great Basketball gift and as a fan, you can never have too many. There are many options and you will want to buy a ball with quality. While you may not need the Spalding official NBA game ball, it would be a great basketball gift. If this is a little out of your price range, then the Spalding NBA Street outdoor ball is a steal. I’m sure whichever ball you choose, the baller in the family will be happy.

A Spalding Basketball

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8. Flyonsea Basketball Lamp

The Flyonsea Basketball night light is a beautiful bedside lamp that is a fantastic idea for your young Hoopers. With 7 color changes, this can be set to the color of your favorite team.

Whether your little one is scared of the dark or the room just needs some light, this is a great idea. The lamp comes with a remote control and kids timer so that the lamp can be set as a nightlight until your little basketballer is asleep. 

A Basketball lamp


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7. LEGO NBA Challenge Basketball Game

LEGO Sports 3432: NBA Challenge is a great Basketball gift. This is not only a great basketball gift but a great gift for Lego fans too. The set is aimed at children between the ages of 7 – 12 but this is a slam-dunk for all the family. Each team consists of 5 players and they will have to shoot it out to see who comes out on top.

Lego NBA game


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6. NBA2K20 Basketball Game

NBA2K20 speaks for itself. This is the game for any gaming Basketball fan and you will be able to while away the hours playing as current or classic superstars. The custom player feature in this game is excellent so you will be able to pit yourself against the best. Who can you dunk on? This game is available on Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC. 

Xbox NBA game


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5. Signed Print

The next dunk on our list will put a smile on the face of any basketball fan. There are so many different options, different shapes, and sizes. Choose your favorite superstar and there will be a signed and framed print just there to fit that empty space you have on the wall.

Frames come in a range of colors too, so you won’t have to worry about how the print looks against your new furniture. There are so many superstars to choose from, there are retired greats, Hall of Famers and current players of your favorite NBA team.

Below is just a small selection of who you might want on your wall. Jordan, Bogues, Pippin, James, Shaq, Curry, Durant, Abdul-Jabbar, Harden, Magic Johnson, Bryant, Larry Bird, Irving, Ewing, Howard, Bill Russel, Ming, Rodman. When it comes to Basketball gift ideas a signed print is a good starting point at a very affordable price.


A Michael Jordan Signed Basketball Print


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4. Best of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest DVD

The best of NBA slam dunk contest is a fun-packed spectacle for all the family. Starting in 1984, this DVD shows the centerpiece of All-Star Saturday night. You will be captivated by the greatest moments in the Slam Dunk competition’s history.

You will hear the stories of Legends such as Julian Erbing and Dominique Wilkins. Also you will be able to watch over and over the historical battle between Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard and also see 5’7” Spudd Webb’s incredible dunk. The bonus footage is also jam-packed with additional entertainment with Little man dunks, underrated dunks & teamwork dunks. This is a must-have for any fan of slamming the rim! 


A Slamdunk dvd


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3. Nike Air Jordan’s

No review page of Basketball gifts would be complete until we have seen the legendary Nike Air Jordan Proto Max 720. These are a beautiful gift and a must on the court. They are not just great engineering for your feet but they look fantastic too and would look great whatever you are wearing. These are a big win and the look on your little fanatic’s face when they see these will be worth it.

The Air Jordan Proto max


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2. Signed Air Jordan Basketball Gift

This is a little more upmarket and something to show off in the house. The Nike Air Jordan signed by the man himself is a fantastic memorabilia piece and your friends will be very jealous. This has got to be one of the best Basketball gift ideas on the Internet today. There aren’t many of these and soon they will be harder to get than moonrock. This is one of the ultimate Basketball gifts and one of the ultimate gifts in sports full stop. Signed air Jordan’s, does it get better?

Signed air Jordan shoes


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Signed & Framed Jordan Jersey

This is incredible, you will be able to own a signed and framed Michael Jordan Jersey. The baller that many will argue is the greatest ever to grace the court. The player that became a superstar at 17 by destroying the NBA. This is the no.1 is Basketball Gifts. Shop now. They do not last long. 


A Michael Jordan Signed Jersey


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More Basketball gift ideas

The Basketball gifts above are picked by us because we believe they are worthy of being in the top ten. Obviously these aren’t the only gifts worth mentioning, so here are a few more for you to take a look at…Enjoy :0)

The men’s coach watch

This wristwatch has a sleek and elegantly beautiful design. Its dimensions are a 10-millimeters thick casing with a 20mm bandwidth. It comes with a detachable Stainless Steel bracelet and this one has a face display showing the official Los Angeles Clippers logo. 

The product is appreciably water-resistant and is able to withstand some amount of water without being spoilt. It has a weight of about 15.2 ounces per item and has the best features for a perfect gift; especially for a fan of the Clippers. Although the product is mainly male, there are slight differences in the design for the male and female genders. Other team logos are available.


A mens coaching watch for Basketball

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The NBA wheeled backpack


The NBA expedition wheeled backpack is a pink 19-inches bag with great luggage capacity. It has a build of two large interior compartments that can safely contain your laptop or tablet with a screen size of up to 17 inches and an organizer pocket for your other stuff.

The bag is provided with two options for you to conveniently carry it about: the back straps and an adjustable, retractable handle to pull it on a line skate. According to product specifications, the backpack weighs about 5 pounds and is made of 100% polyester material. The bag comes in different team names and colors, so you can choose the one with your favorite team.


An NBA wheeled backpack


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Basketball in a Mahogany display case


This is another great basketball item that you could gift out to anyone with a love for the game. The dimensions are 11-inch x 11 inch x11 inch and the molding is made of Mahogany wood covered with transparent glass.

The display case comes in a variety of three colors and although with a little price difference they are all worth a look. 


A Basketball in a mahogany glass case


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NBA premium pet carrier

This is an amazing item with so much ingenuity. The NBA premium pet carrier allows you the luxury of carrying your pets with you in the most convenient way. It is made of a lightweight polyester material that allows your pet space and convenience it requires.

It has plastic mesh panels that allow easy ventilation. Asides this, there are compartments where you can store up other pet items like its food. The carrier is handy and can contain your pet of up to 16 lbs in weight. There are a number of varieties of the different team names available.


An NBA pet carrier


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NBA fleece blanket

Manufactured and distributed by the Sports collectibles online, the Oklahoma City Thunder fleece blanket is a large 50inch x 60inch dimension blanket made of authentic Sherpa fleece.

A fan of the team would delight in a product that brings their hearts closer to their favorite team. This is a great product licensed by the NBA, and you may have just made the right choice for a gift item.

A Basketball fleece blanket


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NBA full bedding set

The team name on this item is the Orlando Magic, though it does come in other team colors. It comes in a 22 inches x 18 inches x 8.6 inches size and weighs approximately 1 pound original weight. The bedding set is made of 100% polyester, and although manufactured in China, it is fully licensed by the Big frog gifts.

A Basketball bedding set

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There you have it. The 10 best basketball gift ideas ( and a few more) for basketball fans. We have shown you everything you need to please the fan in your life There are slam dunks for all the ages with Balls and Hoops for the younger ones and Signed memorabilia for the grown-ups. There are also a few treats in there for all the family to enjoy so shop now to avoid disappointment.  Other Sporting gift ideas covered on the Sports gifts 4u website include NHL, NFL and NCAA. 

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