Now These Helmets are ‘Smart’

For years, people have relied on their trusty old helmets to get them from one place to another without any external damage to their skulls. However, as time went on, they stopped being simply a modicum for safety, and have now evolved into a fashion and technical utility device as well. So what is the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets of 2020 then? Please read on to see my personal selection. And see what you think.

Listen to Music and Stay Safe

They are now used by cyclists all over the world to stay connected on the go, listen to their favourite music, and also search for some new music on the internet. All this, with additional and reinforced safety features in order to ensure your utmost protection. Thus, with the new age ‘smart’ bicycle helmets, you get both safety and protection.

Sure, these advanced helmets are a little more expensive than the normal, average ones. However, the features and safety utilities that they offer more than makeup for the price range. Moreover, since it is just a one- time purchase, you are assuredly getting nothing but the best for yourself.

Listed below are some of the best cycling helmets that you can buy, which will surely be a wonderful addition to all your cycle riding adventures. Please click on each image for details on that particular helmet. If you choose a smart cycling helmet that doesn’t have a feature that allows GPS then maybe check out some of Garmin’s selection of GPS systems for cycling. We also have a good selection of cycling gifts available here.

Mywaybrands Smart Cycling Helmet


A smart Bluetooth bicycle helmet


Camera Supports 2K Images

This smart bicycle helmet by ‘My Way Brands’ is made with an in-built HD camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth. With a camera that supports 2k images in high contrast and a crystal clear resolution, you can be sure of getting nothing but the best photos from your helmet.

Share Content via Wifi With This Smart Helmet

Furthermore, with expandable memory, you will be sure to never compromise on the quality of your pictures, capturing the world around you beautifully from the first-person perspective. The built-in WiFi in your bicycle helmet has made sharing all the easier. Simply connect the WiFi to your phone, and share everything that you see with the world. If you are in an emergency, you can easily share your location with the world.

With the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you will be able to jam to your favorite music while on the go and immerse yourself in the stunning sound quality that comes along.

Equipped with a ‘Smart’ Battery

Part of what makes this bicycle helmet so appealing is its battery life. Equipped with a smart battery, the helmet knows exactly what to do in order to ensure the best battery life for you, conserving its resources to the maximum. All the functions in your helmet can be used hands- free, ensuring that you get nothing but the safest solutions for yourself.

The Lumos kickstart


The Lumos Kickstart bicycle helmet


Plenty of cool LED’s

The best feature of this bicycle helmet is the various colourful LEDs that dot the front and the back. With 10 LED lights in the front and 38 at the back, you can be sure that everyone will be able to see you, no matter the weather or the time of the day.


Comes with a Handlebar Remote

As an additional safety feature, whenever you make a turn, you can tap the side on the handlebar remote that comes along with the helmet, and it will light up, illuminating the side where you are going to turn. Traveling by cycle does not mean that you endanger your life. With this bicycle helmet, you are not only protecting your life but the lives of other pedestrians and car drivers as well.


Brake lights are a Nice Touch

One of the most striking features of the LUMOS bicycle helmet is that it also has a brake light included with its other features. According to recent reports, this feature is still in BETA mode. Once it has been fully developed, whenever you brake on your bicycle, all the 38 LED lights will glow a brilliant red, making it abundantly clear to anyone behind you that your intentions are of stopping your bicycle. However, you will have to activate the feature by yourself, as it is turned off by default.


They are Mighty Fine Cycle Helmets

Made in full compliance with the safety rules of the USA, the LUMOS bicycle helmets are the perfect safety solution for any biker. These unisex helmets are perfectly compatible in any weather and time of day. So no matter when you ride your bicycle, you can be assured of full safety and protection. Making these, one of the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets of today.

Livall Bluetooth Bicycle Helmet


Livall Bluetooth bicycle helmet


Lots of Handy Features Built-in

This smart bicycle helmet comes equipped with a smartwatch as well, ensuring that you do not have to pull out your phone for every requirement, which can be quite a hassle as well. The combination of these two products come with an array of features, such as SOS alerts, tracking and recording your route in the bicycle trips, and a built-in walkie-talkie and Bluetooth, which ensure high quality and uninterrupted flow of conversation.


Even More Features

In addition, you can also listen to music, take photos and share them. With the smart lights feature, other drivers and pedestrians will always be aware of your presence on the road, no matter the time of day or the weather at the time. The flashing lights will surely illuminate your presence to others. In addition, the smart turning lights that accompany the helmets will also make your turning intentions be known to drivers behind you, ensuring you maximum safety and protection.


The Battery Life is Damn Good

One of the most astounding factors about this helmet is its battery life, which ensures 10 hour usage time, and a mind-boggling 180 days on standby. This amazing battery life ensures that you do not have to worry that your helmet will give up on you, as it will be the perfect partner in times of emergencies.

One of the Best Bluetooth Bicycle Helmets Available


An image of the livall mt1 smart bicycle helmet


Livall is One of the Best Bluetooth Bicycle Helmets Around

As you probably know already when it comes to smart cycling helmets Livall is up there with the best of them. These safety helmets aren’t just suited to cycling they can also be used for skateboarding, roller-skating, hoverboards, and a whole manner of activities.

Trust me not only do these look unbelievably cool but they also come packed with some really good high tech features, the Livall MT1 helmet being no exception.


The Features

This helmet comes with a ‘smart bling jet controller’. This is a device that basically gets attached to your handlebars. Once paired with the helmet you will be able to control incoming calls, take photos, setup walkie talkie mode, manage your music and control your turn signals. Let’s face it, that’s pretty cool.


Nice Built-in Led’s

The MT1 has built-in led’s into the shell of the helmet, these light up when turning left or right (indicators) and have general warning lights as well. Without a doubt, this is a genius design feature improving greater visuals to other road users.

The hands-free also seems pretty good quality and has a wind-resistant microphone ensuring nice crisp sounding phone calls whilst out on your cycling adventures. The Bluetooth speakers are also a nice sounding gadget to listen to your tunes through. 


Handy Walkie Talkie Mode

If you are out in a group and you are all lucky enough to have one of these then the walkie talkie mode is great. This mode makes it easy to communicate with each other efficiently and safely

The s.o.s alert is also an awesome safety feature built into the Livall MT1. Meaning if you have a crash or a tumble it will immediately alert your chosen contact. Please bear in mind you will need the Livall app connected to use this feature.



Though Livall had their fair share of teething problems in the beginning, I truly believe they have learned from their mistakes and have some top-notch products.

The Coros Linx


One of the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets around


Unbelievably Cool Looking Helmet

The Coros Linx is another unbelievably cool-looking smart helmet packed with modern technology helping to keep you safe on the roads. As we all know our roads just get busier and busier, therefore, increasing the chances of getting into an accident. With the latest ‘smart’ helmets we can eliminate some of that danger. Maybe not all of it, but hey every little helps.


Hands-free for a Safer Ride 

As with all helmets, this comes with a comfy chin strap to keep the helmet firmly attached to your head. It also comes with a nice handy handlebar remote. This ensures you don’t have to be messing around with helmet controls or your phone whilst out on the open road.

The Coros Linx has built-in Bluetooth enabling the wearer to pair the helmet to a smartphone. Through this, it is possible to control music preferences, calls and a navigation app that can be downloaded to your phone. The app itself is there to give you navigation and ride data through your Bluetooth connectivity.


Bone Conduction Tech Really is Awesome

The helmet comes fitted with open ear bone conduction technology. This technology allows you to hear your favourite music, phone calls and navigation prompts by turning vibrations into audio. This is possible due to some small tabs attached to the helmet strap. These tabs send vibrations up through your cheekbones bypassing your eardrums and straight to your inner ear. This means that you are still able to hear what’s going on around you, very handy whilst out and about.

With a built-in windproof microphone for clear crisp calls and a rechargeable battery with 10+ hours of play, this really is one worth considering.

The Mfi Lumex Pro Cycle Helmet


The Lumex Pro Bluetooth cycle helmet


This is one of my Favourite Bluetooth Bicycle Helmets

Personally, this ‘smart’ helmet is one of my favourites on the market today, it really does look the part in carbon colours and rammed with useful safety features. Let’s face it safety is paramount when out cycling on our roads. Hence why it made it in my list of the best smart Cycling helmets.

I think the led’s looked super cool on the Lumex pro, and a must-have with so much traffic on the roads. The white Led’s on the front really do get you noticed on those gloomy days. The red ones on the rear of the helmet which form the indicators make it effortless in letting the drivers behind which way you intend to go. You can activate these via the handlebar remote that comes with the Lumex.


Doubles up as a Multimedia Hub

The helmet, like quite a few others out there, doubles up as a multimedia hub. This basically means it’s nice and simple to control your incoming calls, your favourite tunes, and your GPS via your smartphone.

Like the Coros Linx, the Lumex Pro comes with open ear bone conduction technology. This really is a decent safety feature allowing you to be aware of what’s going on around you whilst listening to audio through the speakers. When you have your smartphone paired with the helmet you will be able to listen to directions via GPS. Much needed in unfamiliar surroundings.


Nice Chinstrap Controls

The chin strap comes with its own set of controls built into it. These controls make it nice and easy to answer your calls. Simply adjust the volume and manage your tunes whilst on the move.

The Lumex is charged via a USB charging point and on full power should give you 8 hours use or 180 days on standby. In general, this awesome bit of kit gets good reviews from across the Net.

Sena Smart Cycling Helmet


The Sena smart Bluetooth bicycle helmet

A Smart Helmet Packed With Features

A perfect blend of suaveness with automation- a Bluetooth intercom equipped cycling helmet that lets you stay connected with up to three other riders along the road. Besides having a Bluetooth 4.1 intercom integrated to it also lets you play music, navigate through the roads and tracks using GPS, answers phone calls and has built-in HD quality speakers and an FM radio.

Sena smart cycle helmets are one of the most technologically advanced you can find with an excellent touch of sophistication. This one is very popular and many say it is one of the best smart cycling helmets around.


Specs you Cannot Ignore on this Smart Cycle Helmet

  • This one is a fully integrated Bluetooth helmet. The audio speakers and microphones are of HD quality.
  • The Bluetooth intercom has a range of about 900 meters (0.5miles) in an open area. It lets you stay connected with your fellow riders
  • Better usability: it has three buttons on the side of the helmet which helps you have control of your device
  • Its easier to navigate with a Sena Smart Cycling Helmet
  • Their noise control technology aids in better communication through the intercom by keeping the background noise at a minimal level
  • The integrated Bluetooth communication offers a wider range of compatibility with other Bluetooth devices, accessories, and apps
  • Very efficient operating time: With a charging time of approximately 3.5 hours, you get 16 hours talk time through the Bluetooth intercom
  • It is available in two different sizes: medium/ large
  • You get two years warranty along with continuous firmware upgrades

A Good Strong Helmet

Sena smart cycling helmet’s boast a modern design for the urban cyclist. Built with tough polycarbonate, the helmet is strong and durable enough to protect your head as well as the technological parts inside. It can withstand heavy impact. You can also customize the fit as suited to the shape of your head by using its spin to fit lock system.

The Coros Omni


The Coros omni Bluetooth cycle helmet


One of the Best Bluetooth Bicycle Helmets

A perfect combination of safety and utility. The Coros Omni has been tailor-made for you to get an all-encompassing experience and awareness out of your rides. You must have a list of mandatory things along your ride to make it a comfortable and joyous one- a good fitting and aerodynamic helmet must be at the top of your list.

Coros, a Northern Virginia brand is best known for its bone conduction audio technology that comes with their best helmets. The Coros Omni is no exception. But besides implementing their bone conduction audio technology, they have added LED strips in the back of the helmet.


The Cool Safety Features of  Your Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

The bone conduction audio system is a remarkable leap towards safety. Precise sound is delivered through your cheekbones. Your ears are kept open. Hence, you get a full awareness of your surroundings. You can project your undivided attention on the road. Better be safe than sorry. The added cool features just come as a bonus.

This helmet was made giving safety the most priority. No matter day or night, Coros Omni takes the right care for your optimum safety through its LED lights activation technology. This is automatically activated depending on the ambiance. This feature can be tweaked and controlled either by the Coros app you can install easily in your phone, or using the remote that comes along with the helmet. You can certainly see why I put this one in my list of best Bluetooth Cycling helmets.


Awesome SOS Feature

The SOS feature is being used in almost all the smart helmets of today. Your ride is now even safer with the SOS feature of Coros mini. In the event of an accident, the smart helmet will automatically detect it and send an emergency text message to your saved contacts using the app. You can save up to three emergency contacts on the list.

The Livall bh51m  Smart Cycling Helmet



The Livall bh51 Bluetooth bicycle helmet

A Good Multi-Purpose Smart Helmet

Wearing one of the best Bluetooth Bicycle helmets while cycling through a dense forest or a busy street should be mandatory for your own safety. Though cycling is considered relatively a safe sport. Some riders prefer to enjoy the sense of apparent freedom by not wearing a helmet, it cannot be riskier. Livall has brought to you a new range of the smart helmet. The Livall bh51m is a multi-purpose helmet which can be used for skateboarding, hoverboarding along with cycling as well.


The Latest Model is Designed for Urban Cyclists with its Many Smart Functions

A decent hands-free experience: The speakers and Bluetooth communication work pretty well. Wearable Bluetooth headgear means that the rider can stay in touch with calls and listen to music as one prefers.

Smart lighting for more safety: In addition, there’s a remote which allows you to control the smart lights in the back. The LED’s have a wide range of visibility of 270 degrees. This means that you will be seen by most road users. It also features an LED turn signal indicator.

SOS alert: The SOS feature has become quite common nowadays. There’s an app that you can easily install and set this feature up. The SOS feature works by utilizing the accelerometer in the helmet and sending the necessary data to your phone when you have crashed. The app texts the emergency contacts that you have already set up.

Looks trendy and fashionable: The Livall bh51m has won multiple awards for justifiable reasons. Besides being a cool sporty gadget possessing many useful facilities, it looks very good indeed as a commuter helmet. Though some people found the weight to be a bit uncomfortable, you can get past it considering the range of features it offers. Definitely up there with the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets on the market. 

Safety Guide: Top Safety Tips for Cycling


Cycling provides a great workout while it is also an effective means of transportation. However, cycling on open roads presents dangers irrespective of how cautious you are. Traffic is present everywhere and almost all the routes have blind spots. The cycling lanes are great when they are positioned well. But not every car driver seems to take notice of them.

With that in mind, here are some cycle safety tips which will help you stay safe while cycling on open roads.

Respect the Rules

The rules of the road need to be respected all the time. This means no riding dangerously and no jumping red lights. When you’re driving, you should show and receive consideration.

Truck and Buses also have ‘Blind Spots’

Trucks, buses, and other vehicles also have ‘dead angles’ or blind spots. These are the spots where the driver won’t be able to see you using mirrors. Due to this reason, you should never ride up the inside of a truck or a bus. You can easily be in the ‘dead angle’ when they are making a turn and you will come off second best in such circumstances.

Always use Good Lights

Ensure that you always invest in high-quality light and also carry spare batteries. In case the roads are traffic-heavy, you might want to invest in smart lights which will detect when you slow down and flash fast to help keep you visible when approaching junctions.

Wear a Cycling Helmet

It goes without saying you always need to wear a high-quality helmet. This will prove to be the difference between a minor injury and a severe one. The best smart cycling helmets cost a few quid but are worth every penny in my eyes.

Hi-vis clothing advised

Even if you are riding in broad daylight, it is also worth investing in high visibility cycling clothes. Scientific research suggests that wearing hi-vis clothes will make a cyclist more noticeable while reducing the chances of an accident.

Change your Route

Changing your cycling route to a different path away from main roads and bus routes will help you stay safer. Also, the ride will also be much more enjoyable as you’ll get to come across new areas.

You should also consider riding at times when the roads are not so busy such as early mornings.  

Respect, Courtesy, and Manners

At all times you should follow the rules of the road and show respect, courtesy, and manners. This will help you avoid accidents and keep tempers cool.

Maintain your Cycle and your Smart Helmet

It should go without saying but you must maintain your bike. As a minimum, you should ensure your brakes are good and the bike is mechanically sound. If you are paying for one of the best smart cycling helmets, it is also a very good idea to keep this maintained. 

What to do Should the Worst Happen

If somehow you are unfortunate to find yourself in a cycling accident, think. Always ensure that you have a phone with you so that you can immediately call for help. Always keep this in mind that you’re always the most vulnerable vehicle on the road. You are bound to lose against a car even if the car’s driver is in the wrong.

I would like to know your thoughts on what are the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets. Please let me know by leaving a comment below. 


  1. I always thought about helmets only from the safety side but after reading your article I found new information and learned something new about smart helmets. Actually the helmet that has a built-in camera is very unique as you won’t need an external camera added on,  Great Job and very unique article 

  2. New age bicycle helmets! love it!

    Take photos, take and make calls, listen to music. I can’t believe how much these helmets have stayed in touch with the current times. I have been looking at bikes lately for my newest get fit routine and now i can’t wait to be choosing my bicycle helmet to go with it. I have bookmarked your page.

  3. Well now I have definitely seen it all. In the past a helmet was just there for protection, but nowadays you can even get them to play music while you ride. They look really space age too and have become fashion accessories of note. 

    I quite like the idea of a camera attached to the helmet to record your ride. That is really useful. I also loved the idea of the indicators and brake lights as this adds even more to the safety of the cyclist. 

    I am sure cyclists all over will enjoy reading about what is on offer in the way of head gear here. 

    1. Cheers Michel, cycle helmets have really come a long way, safety is allways paramount, but hey it’s nice to have a few extra gadgets eh?

  4. Hey Stuart,

    These helmets are amazing. I have often been concerned about my kids riding their bikes in the evening and at night. Many of these helmets have built in lights that would solve this problem.

    When you go to purchase a plain helmet for safety reasons you also need to buy lights. These helmets have all these features built-in. I think that is cool!!!


  5. After reading your very informative article, Stuart, I must hang my head in shame over the low-tech bicycle helmet I own. Technology has vastly improved so many aspects of our lives, and your detailed review of these amazing new-tech safety devices for bike riding (and more) is another amazing addition to the list. While the cameras and Blue-Tooth capabilities are truly fun- and function-enriching bonuses, it’s the upgraded safety that really stands out to me: not just lights, but turn signals and (beta mode) brake lights, and even an SOS function that can call for help when needed. I’m just a recreational rider, but, as I get older, I realize added safety when riding is truly in my best interest. Any of the helmets you review would provide more peace of mind than my old, no-tech helmet. So thank you for opening my eyes, doing such detailed research on the best-available helmets, and sharing that information with your readers in such a well-written, user-friendly format. Keep up the great work! ~Cheri

    1. Cheers Cheri, the world of helmets is truly evolving every year, the safety aspects of these cycle helmets are just getting better and better, thanks for reading.

  6. Hello Stuart,

    The truth is I’m surprised by all the safety and comfort features that these bicycle cases have.

    They are lightweight that make them very comfortable being able to be connected at all times with the outside world. 

    You can listen to music, record, take pictures and have your own lighting that will allow you to walk with fog and at night.

    Thank you very much for such an excellent review.

    Greetings!. Claudio

  7. I drive daily in a college community and feel the most important safety aspect is the lights and turn signals, its hard to spot a cyclist after dark. I had no idea that helmets offered such cool features as cameras and Bluetooth and I think being able to record the view is awesome. You have given us some great options. Thanks for the post. 

  8. I have never seen or heard of these helmets but they are awesome. We use the Garmin watches to track our steps and sleep so if we could link up to our cycling it would be a big help. 

    Taking photos with the helmet would be amazing for cycling through mountains or other cool landscapes. And I am imagining mountain climbing and parachuting while taking pics hands-free. What a great idea! I also think the wifi calling feature is a genius safety feature!

    1. Hi Chasnea, thanks for your comment. There are several devices from Garmin that can pair up to a GPS system. Another device is also most types of smartphones. It really is a struggle to keep up with technology.

  9. I love the idea of these smart cycling helmets. My brother bikes pretty much every day and I would love to get him something like this. I know that he bikes alongside roads with a lot of traffic. I do like the one that has the s.o.s. built-in as I do think that is so clever and would definitely
    help save lives.

  10. Hi Stuart, 

    I’m pretty much a novice cyclist but am doing my first “major” ride in the next few weeks which is London to Brighton. It’s only a 54-mile event, but it’s a pretty big deal for me! As a result, I wanted to capture various moments and one of these helmets sounds like it might be just what I need, thanks mate.

    1. Hi Nate, no problem at all. The ‘Smart’ helmet market is growing bigger each year, adding awesome new products all the time. These are my favourite picks at the moment, but I am going to be doing some more detailed reviews shortly. Be sure to keep a lookout for them.  

  11. Hi! Thank you for reviewing all these cycling helmets. There are a few that have really caught my attention. But the one I like the most is Livall Bluetooth Bicycle Helmet. Super cool design and very useful features. I really like the point concerning the battery life. So I have made up my mind and this one is the one for me.

    1. Hi Henry, thanks for the comment, Livall is certainly my favourite brand of cycling helmets at the moment. Not only are they good quality for the money, they come packed with cool features.

  12. Gone are those days when I used to ride to my working place. It was fun and interesting because it was an amazing early morning exercise. My lovely helmet back then was not in any way like these ones. These are amazing and eye-catching helmets. There is no need of putting on Bluetooth for music again because Bluetooth is attached to some of them. A music enthusiast like me will choose the one with Bluetooth and a camera. These reviews about helmets will be helpful for sports lovers.

    1. Thanks for the reply Stella. Smart cycle helmets really have come a long way over the last few years. They certainly make a ride out safer and more enjoyable.

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