What are the Best Electric Golf Trolleys

If you are a regular golfer, then you should be aware of how tedious carrying your golf bag around the course is. It can drain you of the energy you need whilst playing your game. However, if you are a keen golfer, an electric golf trolley will come in handy and enhance your game of golf. On this page, there is information on what I believe to be some of the best electric golf trolleys for sale on the Net.

There are two types of trolleys – the manual and the powered; while the manual is affordable, it lacks some of the innovative features that the smartest electric golf trolleys of 2020 possess. The latter golf trolleys are powered by a battery. Electric golf trolleys come in several shapes and sizes with different battery sizes to power the trolley through difficult terrains.

The Best Electric Trolley for 2020

The golf caddy industry is a very competitive one, and the market is filled with different brands releasing new products into the market and offering a bit more than the next trolley. However, after scouring the nooks and crannies of the market, we have come up with the top golf trolleys for 2020 to make your game as smooth as the caddy on the course.

The Motocaddy S5 Connect

One of the best electric Golf trolleys around

Have all your golf caddy fantasies fulfilled with the innovative products from Motocaddy M-range! The caddy literary transports you into the future with its new S5 connect feature that allows you to stay in touch with your smart device with a full GPS option through Bluetooth.

This connectivity allows you to receive information such as the distance of the front, back, and middle of the green with golf-hole information. And that’s not all; it will also send you notifications when you receive a text, push message or a call on your phone. It also connects with your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. In addition, the caddy is preloaded with a 36,000 golf course mapping database to keep you on track as you play.


  • Excellent uphill and downhill control with a stable and consistent speed
  • It has an electronic parking brake ensuring the security of your golf equipment.
  • Comes with nine-speed settings including the same walking speed as you
  • It comes with a QUICK FOLD mechanism that allows you to quickly fold it for easy movement in and out of the car
  • It comes with ergonomic soft-touch handle
  • Accessing the mapping database is free of charge. However, you have to download the caddy app.
  • It is portable, durable and comes with a lithium battery that lasts for 18 holes

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The PowaKaddy C2i Electric Golf Trolley

The Powacaddy electric golf trolley

This was one of the best golf trolleys for 2018, but it is here because of new innovations that have been added to it. Its 2-fold TM system allows for easy packing and storage in just two folds. Additional features are the fully colored 2.8 inches display screen with digital power gauge, battery life indicator, and automatic distance function.

The ADF allows the trolley to be sent to a distance of 15, 30, and 45 yards away from the player. It comes with 18 or 36-hole options, a 5-year warranty with the lightest most-effective long-lasting, and powerful batteries to keep you going for the entire game. In fact, the PowaKaddy C2i battery is 5 times better than the next powerful battery on the market.



  • It has a built-in compartment for your golf balls, tees, and stationeries
  • Comes with a USB charging port that can power your smart devices and GPS device
  • It has an integrated scorecard holder and a soft touch handle
  • The handle can be adjusted to three different lengths to suit the golfer
  • It is easy to store and occupies less space in the car or at home

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The Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion 

The Spitzer electric Golf trolley

The EL100 is a show of craftsmanship with its aviation quality grade aluminum frame allowing for its super light and foldable properties. It is one of the smallest electric golf trolleys on the market with very easy to assemble and pack mechanism. The golf cart is powered by a lightweight lithium battery and lasts roughly 27-holes. The spitzer trolley is excellent for hill climbing and all kinds of terrains with its bold traction tyres for easy movement.



  • It has two tubular electric motors for easy movement around the course
  • Only takes about 5 to 10 seconds to fold and unfold the trolley
  • Nicely portable, durable, sturdy, and maneuvers on any surface
  • It has a cruise control function and at the push of a button resumes from its last speed setting
  • Made with top-grade aluminum metal making it one of the lightest golf trolleys on the market
  • The handlebar has three settings to suit the golfer’s height

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The Powakaddy Fw5s 

The Powakaddy golf trolley

Powakaddy is one of the all-time favourites when it comes to electric golf trolleys. In the early days of the company, they had a few problems with the quality of their products. Nowadays Powakaddy has a very good name for themselves and on the fairway, these really are a popular choice amongst golfers worldwide.

One of the all singing all dancing models available today is the ‘Fw5s ‘(2019).

Not the Cheapest, but One of the Best

This trolley is a damn fine piece of engineering, ok it’s not the cheapest trolley around, but you certainly get your money’s worth. One of the many features worth mentioning is the built-in automatic distance function. Like with the C2i you can set the trolley to trundle off on its own to a distance of 15, 30 or 45 yards (how cool is that).

The Fw5s comes with a 2.8-inch full-colour display built into the handle giving you lots of handy info at a quick glance. This includes things such as a battery charge indicator, a round timer, a clock, and a digital power gauge. This model also comes with a much-needed USB charging point, very handy for charging things like your phone or GPS device.

It comes with a mighty battery

Powakaddy boasts that the battery this trolley comes with is the thinnest most powerful lithium battery around. Powakaddy plug and play technology mean there’s no dodgy connectors or wiring to mess around with when connecting the battery. Literally, just slide it in and away you go. The battery itself comes with a 5-year warranty(see their website for conditions) and the trolley with a 2-year warranty.

Equipped with quick-release wheels, a light-weight alloy frame, and the fact it folds away so compact, it really is easy to transport to your favourite green. Not only ‘is’ this trolley really cool packed with awesome features, but it also looks really cool and will be sure to turn some heads out on the fairway.

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The Motocaddy M1 Electric Golf Trolley

An image of the motocaddy M1 electric golf trolley

Motocaddy has only been around since 2004, but in that 15 years, they’ve certainly made an impression out on the golf course. Armed with a lightweight lithium battery a Motocaddy electric trolley sure takes some beating.

The Motocaddy M1 is a perfect trolley for beginners and intermediates alike. Packed with easy to use features making your game a more enjoyable experience.

One of the Best Electric Golf Trolleys Around

The trolley comes in at a very lightweight of 9 kilos. This is due to the frame being made of high-quality aluminum. Making it nice and sturdy but light enough to make it easily maneuverable. The ‘quick fold’ system on the M1 makes this trolley easy to set up or fold away in one smooth motion. This makes it simple to pack in your average size car boot, helped by the fact it is equipped with quick-release wheels.

The lithium battery I mentioned earlier comes built into the trolley eliminating the need to keep taking it in and out to charge it up. The trolley comes with an 18 hole battery as standard, but you can upgrade to a 36 hole battery. If you’re like me and like the peace and quiet of the course first thing in the morning then the ultra-quiet 200w motor could be just the thing for you. 

The trolley also boasts an LCD screen, nine speeds and 24 months warranty. So all in all this really is a real nice electric trolley to own.

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The Motocaddy s7 

A Motocaddy electric Golf trolley

Electric trolleys have become the new cool trend in the golf industry. There are several advantages to having an electric golf trolley. It adds to your convenience and carrying around heavy-weight gears is easier with the Motocaddy s7 electric golf trolley.

It has become popular among golfers of all ages. Featuring a responsive dual pressure control system which just adds to the greater freedom of the golfers. You can maneuver your trolley as you wish and decide how much left or right, they should turn by just applying varying pressure to the buttons on the handset. While moving down a slope, the downhill control feature controls the downward motion of your caddy and lets it keep a constant speed.

A Good Stylish Golf Trolley

In addition, The Motocaddy s7 electric golf trolley is stylish enough to suit your personality with its ergonomic design and the new graphite frame colour. This is most suitable for golfers who are really serious about the game and want to invest their undivided attention. The remote control uses three AAA batteries and it fits comfortably in your hand even though it may seem a little bigger initially. 

This intelligent machine has the following features-

  • Lets you have full control: forward/reverse, left/right.
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons: determines intelligently how much to move by the amount of pressure you put to the buttons
  • Like it the old way? it’s quite easy with The Motocaddy s7 electric golf trolley. The manual control mode is very much user-friendly.
  • You don’t need to worry and look over your shoulder to find where your Motorcaddy is. It has a 50m cut-out range. If you go beyond 50m, the machine will automatically shut itself down.
  • It has a portable USB charging port- you can charge your batteries on board.
  • The integrated handset storage facilitates further portability.  

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The Stewart x9 

A Stewart x9 electric Golf trolley

The latest Stewart x9 is another leap for Stewart Golf to provide its consumers with the futuristic experience of their “DREAM MACHINES”. The exquisite blend of beauty and technology to arrive at the sight of brilliant perfection- that’s the x9 for you.

This machine of absolute beauty and versatile usability has already owned over the world and is a multi-award-winning device from Great Britain. The Stewart x9 electric golf trolley is considered one of the best electric and remote-controlled machines by the experts in the industry. This has become one of the new favourites among golf loving people.

Let the Trolley Follow You

To ensure good gameplay in golf, you need to be focused and relaxed to deliver your optimum performance. Without having to look over your shoulder to make sure if your trolley is with you or not, the x9 provides ultimate user satisfaction. It lets you take full control of your trolley. There’s a wide range of control options you can choose as according to your desire. You can switch between its various modes like manual and remote control or you can simply let the device follow you by turning on its intelligent follow mode. Still not convinced? Now, let’s look into some of its salient features and benefits: 

  • It lets you play your best game. Made by the skilled engineers in Great Britain, the x9 follows you around the course.
  • You can devote your complete attention to your game
  • It has a multi-functional handle which holds a scorecard along with a ball holder
  • Easy to manoeuvre with its forward, left, right and reverse controls
  • 50m Bluetooth range
  • Fast pace. It can follow and catch up with you with adjustable pace unless you start running however if it gets out of range its safety cut out feature will make the trolley just stop dead
  • It will take almost all Golf bags It’s built by hand using only the finest materials
  • Good quality lightweight lithium battery

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A Quick Guide to Buying the Best Trolleys

Golf trolleys save time and energy for the golfer and the electric trolley allows you to really save energy and focus on your swing. The electric trolley is designed with reliability, strength, durability, and agility, 

The Power System

Thanks to the use of lithium batteries; lead and gas batteries are now obsolete. The lithium batteries last longer, are eco-friendly, and lightweight. The lithium battery lasts 2 to 10 hours with some batteries lasting through a professional course game.

The Brand

There are manufacturers that understand what it entails to have an electric golf trolley and their designs are unique to cater for the golfer. When buying one, please check through several stores and brands to find the best for you. You can also ask other golfers that use the electric trolley, word of mouth is always a good thing.

The Speed Control

Golfers prefer to save their strength for the swing rather than worrying about the weight of the golf bag. A good electric trolley should be easy to steer with basic on/off functions. It should come with a braking system and good uphill and downhill functions. Most golf trolleys come with technology and innovations that allow you to stay connected to the world through the power of your phone.

The Weight

A trolley might be electric but it needs to be light enough for easy steering up and downhill or putting and taking it out of your car.

General Features

The trolley should be durable, lightweight, effective, and move on any terrain. A good handle should be anti-slip and adjustable to suit the golfer’s height. It should be flexible and comfortable too. Additional features are a drink holder, umbrella, colour, and appearance of the trolley.


The best electric golf trolleys should be foldable for easy storage and use. In addition, if the trolley is detachable, it should allow for a quick assemble before the game starts without any hassle. The trolley should also have storage space for balls, tees, stationery, and snacks, especially during professional games.

The Material

The caddy bag comes in nylon, aluminum, titanium, and cloth. Each has its own features, but to be fair the aluminum is probably one of the best materials because it is easy to clean and maintain. It is also light and durable.

The Pros and Cons of an Electric Golf Trolley

The Pros

  • Powerful motors for uphill climbs
  • Generally sturdier than manual trolleys
  • They have more innovative features
  • Greatly reduce back pain and fatigue experienced from pushing a manual trolley
  • They reduce stress and tiredness
  • The wheels are built for golf courses
  • They are eco-friendly and super light

The Cons

  • They can be quite expensive
  • The battery charge time can be confusing and tedious
  • The accessory bag and other parts need to be bought separately


Golf is a hard sport and definitely doesn’t need you adding the extra stress of carrying a 14 club bag around the course. The smart-looking electric trolleys solve all the problems associated with carrying a golf bag. In addition to reducing pain and fatigue, it helps the golfer to work on their swing and put more balls in the holes. Golf has never been more interesting with the electric trolley. So what are you waiting for, get one today and enjoy the game better? Check out this post for some awesome golf gift ideas.

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