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For the best gifts for golfers, please keep reading. Golf is a pretty old sport. It’s highly popular with the people from the elite or aristocratic spheres of life. It is considered a gentleman’s game. Over the years it’s become very popular with many tournaments being played on a worldwide level.

Golf is also a refreshing game. This involves taking long walks amongst a green in an open atmosphere along with the activity of having to putt a golf-ball into a number of holes on the field in as many little strokes as possible.

You might be having a friend or a relative who is very enthusiastic about the game of golf. Trying to figure out what to gift that friend in this New Year has been made easier for you with a list of ten great golfing gifts to give to your loved one.

This article contains a list of great golfing gift ideas that range from golf themed accessories for your golf-loving friend/relative to actual utilitarian presents that can be used in a game of golf. Accessories for the game of golf or themed on it are great possessions that your friend or relative would definitely love and take help of for showing off their love for the sport.

Equipment for the game of golf is often very costly and it is not possible to buy brand new materials all the time. Therefore, gifting your golf-loving friend/relative brand new equipment that will help improve his/her game is a great gesture during this festive season.

Here is a list of golfing gifts and accessories that you can give to your golf-loving buddy or relative. Are you in the market for an all singing all dancing electric Golf trolley? If so check this post out.

Garmin Approach S5 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin is one of the leading companies in the market when it comes to the making of a sports watch. This brilliant watch by Garmin is known as the Garmin Approach S5 Golf GPS is a stellar watch to be owned by people who are in love with the game. The S5 is especially dedicated to golf enthusiasts and has features that help make them become better at their game.


  • This watch by Garmin comes with 40,000+ preloaded golf courses from the international level along with a free lifetime update of these courses.
  • The watch has the facility of touch targeting. This feature allows the golfer to calculate the yardage to any of the positions on the hole with just a tap on the screen.
  • In order to facilitate the movement of the pin to the days pin location and help in the measurement of shots and calculation of handicaps (max 1 player), a green view has been provided in the watch.
  • You can receive texts, calls, emails, and alerts from social media on this watch with the help of smart notifications.

This watch has a battery life of 10 hours when on the GPS mode and is has a water rating of 50m. It is also compatible with the Garmin Connect.

Powakaddy C2i Compact 2018 Golf Trolley

The Powakaddy C2i is one of the most innovative and helpful golf equipment to own while playing the sport. Carrying your golf bags can prove to be a strenuous task and having equipment like this is a major help in a game that involves long walks through open stretches. The C2i has the 2-fold TM system implemented in it, which allows this golf trolley to be stored and packed easily with the help of two simple folds. The C2i also has a 2.8-inch display along with the presence of a battery indicator and digital power gauge. The trolley also has Automatic Distance Function installed in it and can be sent 15-45 yards away from the golfer.

Golf tees, stationery and golf balls can be easily stored in the built-in compartments that come pre-installed with the C2i.




  • Your smart device and GPS device can be easily powered with the help of the USB charging port that is available with the C2i.
  • The handle of the trolley can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the player. The adjustments come in three different heights.
  • The C2i has a soft touch handle along with a score cardholder present in it.
  • The C2i is very easy to store and pack and hardly takes up any space.

Spitzer EL100 Lithium Ion Electric Golf Cart

The EL100 from the company SPITZER is a great work of craftsmanship, which has innovative and helpful features associated with it. This Lithium Ion golf trolley has a frame that has been crafted from aviation quality aluminium and can be easily folded and stored. It is very light and is one of the smallest trolleys for golfers that you would find in the market. The Lithium-Ion battery that has been used in this golf cart can last a maximum of 27 holes and the traction tyres that it has are perfect for climbing through hilly sides or rough terrain.


  • The easy movement on the course is facilitated by the dual tubular electric motors that are present in the EL100.
  • The folding and unfolding of the EL100 takes as little as about 5-10 seconds.
  • The EL100 is sturdy, portable and can be manoeuvred on any terrain.
  • This golf trolley also has the cruise control function installed in it.
  • The handlebar can be set to three different heights to assist the golfer.
  • This golf trolley is one of the lightest that is available in the market.

 PGA Tour Golf Leather Organiser

A golf organizer is a great accessory to gift your golf-loving relative or buddy. A golf organizer is a great way to keep track of the score with the help of the scorecard that is made available with the kit. PGA has introduced its innovative golf organizer, made out of pure leather to help golf enthusiasts keep track of the game they are playing.



  • Real authentic leather has been used for the making of this golf organizer.
  • 7cm wooden tees, which are available in the number of four, are provided with this golf organizer.
  • 2 magnetic ball markers and a divot tool is also part of this golf organizer set from PGA.
  • The golf organizer has a magnetic scorecard, along with a pencil and scorecard as part of the kit.
  • The kit is attached with a bag-clip that comes handy for keeping the golf organizer secure.


PGA Tour Multi-Tool

The game of golf has a number of different tools that are required for completing all the aspects of the game. PGA has realized this need for having golf tools handy in order to play the game well and has therefore created the perfect gift to give to your golf-loving buddy or relative; the PGA Tour Golf Multi-Tool.



  • The multi-tool set contains a key ring attachment to it.
  • It has a club groove brush.
  • The multi took comes equipped with a magnetic ball marker.
  • The multi-tool also contains a divot tool, removable pen, bottle opener/screwdriver.
  • A shoe spike tool is also part of this ingenious multi-tool.

‘Golfer’s Best Tool’ Golf Multitool All-In-One

As has been mentioned earlier, a lot of different tools come in handy when it comes to a game of golf. These tools are part of the sport and are used in small aspects of the gameplay. An enthusiastic golfer will always be delighted to get a gift of one of these great golf tools. Golfer’s Best Tool has released its own all-in-one version of a multi toolset that is simply irresistible.



  • This multi-tool from Golfer’s Best Tool contains Stroke Counter, Brush, Ball Markers, Club Groove cleaner or a Divot Repair Tool, Cleat Tightener and a Screwdriver with a bottle opener as part of its multi-tool ensemble.
  • This device is very compact in shape and is extremely easy to carry around. It can be easily fixed to the belt of the golfer with the help of the aluminium belt clip that has been provided with it.
  • Stainless steel has been used for the making of this innovative multi-tool with a rubberized grip for the hand in order to provide easy gripping.

PGA Tour Pure Putt – Auto Putt Returner with Guideball

For a friend or a relative who loves to play the sport of golf but does not get time from his busy schedule, or for one who is trying to learn the sport of golf but does not know where to start the PGA Tour Pure Putt is the perfect gift. It is a miniature golf putt set, with the mechanism of auto putt-returner, which is great for any kind of indoor setting.



  • The return mechanism of the PGA Tour Pure Putt is battery operated.
  • A real golf ball is provided with this device along with alignment arrows that help in perfecting your technique.
  • A training DVD or the PGA Tour is provided with this device free of cost.
  • The device is branded by PGA Tour, which makes it highly credible.
  • The design of this device is sturdy with an effect of felt grass.
  • It can be used almost everywhere and is perfect for indoor settings.
  • A guide flag is also provided with the PGA Tour Pure Putt.

Harvey Makin Pair of Cufflinks – Golf Clubs

For a friend or a relative who is very devoted to the game of golf and has a lifestyle that is stylish, these cuff links from Harvey Makin are the perfect combination gift of both the elements to give to him. Inspired from the game of golf these cuff links are the perfect accessories to wear in order to show off your love for the elegant game of golf.



  • These cuff links are of very good quality and are produced by Harvey Makin. They are genuine products from the company and are not lower-priced versions and can only be found in the UK.
  • The look and feel of these cuff links are classy and elegant.
  • They come in standard sizes.
  • The cuff links are packed in a presentation box that makes them perfect for gifting.

Golfing Hip Flask Wooden Gift Set

The sport of golf can be a tiring experience. Having a drink close by is a real delight when walking in the sun. This Hip Flask Wooden Set is the perfect gift to give to your friend or relative.



  • This hip flask has a capacity of 4oz.
  • The gift set contains 2 drinking cups made out of stainless steel and 1 stainless steel funnel.
  • The item is packed in a presentation box made out of wood, along with a see-through lid.

Longridge Keep Calm Golf Balls

For your buddy who plays golf for fun and has a quirky and humorous attitude. These golf balls from Longridge are a great gift with a sense of humour. The balls come in a variety of colours and make the playing of golf a fun and colourful experience.



  • The set contains a total of 6 novelty golf balls.
  • The decoration on the golf balls is in the ‘Keep Calm’ style.
  • Each of the balls is available in different colours. They all have a different slogan written on them which sparks a light of humour every time you use them.
  • The set of six balls is packed in a coloured gift box that is fun to behold.


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