The two GoPro’s that are winning hearts 

There is no doubt about the fact that GoPro offers the most versatile cameras in the world. So here we are to help you explore the two best-selling GoPros that are winning hearts everywhere. Take a look at our best GoPro camera reviews 2018 of GoPro Hero6 and GoPro Fusion, to select the best for you –

The GoPro Hero6 

GoPro Hero6 is built with an identical exterior design as that of Hero5 black. Hero6 has a grey rubber-like coating with a blocky design. It comes with a 12-megapixel wide angle sensor that assists shooting up to 4k video at 60fps. When it comes to performance the Hero6 is definitely better in comparison to Hero5, due to its new GP1 processor. The Hero6 is water resistant up to 10m, but you don’t get built-in storage with Hero6, so you’ll require a micro SD card for the storage. Hero6 comes with a touchscreen at the back that helps you change settings and frame your shots.

Compatible with the Karma grip

The touch feature works nicely to help you navigate the menu without any complication. With Hero6 you get shooting mode options including photo, video, and time-lapse. There is a new touch zoom option added to the video mode feature too.

Surprisingly, GoPro Hero6 has done away with video + photo mode that had featured in its Hero5 model. The GoPro Hero6 also features a removable side flap that can be used to use the GoPro Karma Grip. It also features 3 microphones and 3 red LED status lights for use.

Like most GoPro cameras, the Hero6 also comes with a number of accessories like the mounting cage, base plate, as well as 2 adhesive mounts – one flat and one curved. The voice command feature also works well with GoPro Hero6, much like before along with the Bluetooth and GPS features. Transferring content from Hero6 to your smartphone has now been made faster than before. Android and ios users too can sync the camera with the help of the GoPro app, as it supports them both.

Pretty good value for money

In short GoPro Hero6 is fairly simple to set up and use. Swiping right on the home screen will help you locate your recorded content and swiping left will land you on the advanced settings area, where you can work on features like wind noise reduction and stabilization, whereas, swiping downwards will take you to the voice control and Wi-Fi settings. So overall, GoPro Hero6 offers a value for money experience for its users. 


  • Good quality video in daylight
  • Waterproof up to 10m
  • Easy and uncomplicated App support
  • 4K 60fps recording support


  • Video quality gets affected in low light



The GoPro Fusion

As compared to the Hero models of GoPro, the well-crafted and premium Fusion is bigger and heavier in build. Waterproof up to 16 feet, the sturdy rubber finish of the Fusion is also able to handle minor falls. The highlight of the fusion is its 18-megapixel sensor with a fisheye lens that helps to capture 360-degree footage.

Unfortunately no touch-screen

You will get a carry case with fusion to protect the lens from getting scratched, as it lacks any special lens protection in its inbuilt design. Unlike the Hero6, the Fusion doesn’t come with a touchscreen so you will have to use the mode and shutter buttons to get access to the display in which you can look for your battery levels and other shooting details. You will get to know when you are recording a video or capturing a picture with the help of red status LED’s at the front and back of the camera.

But it does have a 360-degree camera

This first of its kind 360-degree camera by GoPro comes with its own sets of limitations. First, you’ll need 2 micro SD cards for it and secondly, it requires a powerful desktop and smartphone to work on its footage, along with the Fusion Studio desktop app. For Android users, GoPro Fusion comes with limited app support, as Overcapture that is an important feature of Fusion is yet to make it to Android. So where the Fusion offers amazing hardware and 360-degree footage, the software is somewhat a let-down. 


  • High-quality 360-degree footage
  • Waterproof up to 16 feet
  • Handy grip


  • Not so supportive software
  • Lack of built-in storage