Most of us at one time or another have owned a pair of sunglasses. The question is do we buy Polarised glasses or normal sunglasses? What exactly are Polarised glasses, are they any good, what are the benefits and are they expensive?

What are Polarised glasses

Polarised glasses are designed to dramatically reduce the glare and harmful rays from our good friend the Sun. The lenses themselves have a filter built into them made to reduce the rays that bounce off surfaces such as water, snow, shiny wet roads and any surface that can reflect light. For that reason, in most outdoor activities you will benefit from owning a pair.

If you’re a keen Angler, a pair of Polarised glasses is almost a must. Personally, I wouldn’t go fishing without mine, as with most Fishermen I know. The reason being, the lenses take the glare of the water’s surface, making it possible in good conditions to see what lies beneath.

The benefits

I personally believe the main benefits to any half decent pair of polarised lenses is the fact that they are protecting your precious eyes from serious long-lasting damage. The filters do their magic filtering out the harmful rays, this in itself lessens the strain your eyes have to go through. Squinting and eye strain can lead to quite nasty headaches if we are exposed for too long, making whatever you are doing very uncomfortable.

Which ones to choose

Trying to find the best-polarised Sports glasses for men or women on the Internet can be a bit of a nightmare. The main reason being is that there are so many different products to choose from. So seeing that I’m such a nice kinda guy I thought I would save you the effort and narrow it down to just a few.

In this post, I have researched mainly online and asked around to find out which sports glasses are the best value for money. I have kept the budget very low, mostly under twenty quid, but believe me, there are some true bargains out there for that price. If you are into your outdoor activities maybe you would also like this post on best sports bottles. Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page if you have any queries.

Duduma polarised glasses

Most of you probably haven’t heard of Duduma when it comes to sports glasses, but they really are worth a look. The first thing that grabs my attention with these is that they come with a lifetime warranty and thirty-day guarantee, which I think is just awesome and tells me they have faith in their product.

They are also really quite light making them very comfortable on the face. These Duduma glasses like all the others I have looked at come with a UV400 rating, meaning they will protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun Because of the wrap around style of the glasses and the durable material they are made from, they are perfect for most outdoor Sporting activities.

Making them a perfect gift for most sporting fanatics. To be fair I find these quite stylish and would be equally at home using these for everyday use and not just sports. As well as the glasses you also get one glasses pouch, one hard case and a soft cleaning cloth, what a bargain, these really are value for money.

The Duduma sports glasses


Verdster TourDePro glasses

The first thing that stood out about this product was the padded frames around the eyes. they really do feel comfortable when worn. They are light enough to be comfortable and when I wore them Fishing they certainly took the glare of the water, thus making it easier to spot the fish beneath the water’s surface. I think you will agree that these are very stylish and like the Duduma I feel at home wearing them just about anywhere.

The lenses are a UV400 rating, so they do a top job of blocking those unwanted rays from our mate the sun. They come packed in a very cool gift box, alongside a soft pouch, a hard case, a carabiner, and a soft cleaning cloth. These really are worth a look if you’re in the market for some decent well priced polarised glasses.

The Verdster TourDePro glasses

Essence polarised glasses

These glasses much like the two above are pretty stylish to look at. They come with UV400 rated lenses keeping your eyes safe from dangerous UV rays and are nice and robust. These are perfect for outdoor sporting activities such as Golf, Fishing, running, hiking and cycling.

I do like the fact that these glasses have a built-in soft rubber nose pad, making them comfortable on the nose. These glasses look equally as good on Men or Women being a good unisex design.

If you do purchase these, not only do you get the glasses but you also get a hard glasses case with a handy clip on it, a soft pouch option to keep the glasses in, a soft cleaning cloth and a carry strap. This product comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

These polarised glasses are surprisingly cheap for what you get if you would like to check them out just click on the image provided.

The polarised package by Essence

More Essence Polarised glasses

I think you will agree that these glasses are a completely different design to the previous ones above. These I believe are more specifically for sports, I’m not sure I would go down the pub in these bad boys. That being said everyone’s different and without a doubt, you get a serious amount of glasses for very little money.

The first thing you will notice is that you get not one set of lenses but FIVE. Five different lenses for five different conditions, to me that’s almost like buying five different pairs of glasses. The lenses themselves are pretty damn robust and built to last. Though they are surprisingly durable they are equally surprisingly light which is a nice touch.

The frame is made from a tough long lasting polycarbonate, making them pretty much indestructible. Built into the frame is a silicone nose pad, giving a comfy fit and stopping the nose from getting sore with prolonged use. These polarised glasses come with a forty five day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

Not only do you get five lots of lenses with these but you also get a hard carry case, a soft carry case, a cleaning cloth, a testing card, a carry strap, and a small metal screwdriver. These glasses are well worth a look. When you see the price you will struggle to believe the price.

Essence polarised glasses

The Vilisun Sportswear

The Sports glasses from Vilisun also come with five extra lenses to go with the frame and are available at a truly unbeatable price, seriously these are cheap for the amount of stuff you get. All the lenses are rated as UV400, so, therefore, keeping out all unwanted sun rays to your eyes. Let’s face it you only get one set of eyes, let’s look after them.

The lenses themselves are very light and thin, so it does make them a bit tricky to change. It almost feels like they will break. But as long as you are careful you will soon master how to do it, and it really isn’t too bad to do. Please be aware, if you are specifically looking for polarised glasses, only one set of lenses meets this requirement.

They come with an anti-sweat strip on the frame which comes in handy if you like working up a sweat. They also come with rubberised nose pads so they sit comfortably upon your nose. The frame like the lenses is surprisingly light which is nice when your out and about.

Not only do you get some nice glasses for a very reasonable price, but you also get, a good few items to go with them. To start with you get a hard case to store them in, and a soft pouch to carry them about. Also included are a handy lanyard and a soft cleaning cloth. I think these are really quite good for the money.

The Vilisun Sports glasses
The Visilum glasses


  1. These are really nice and remind me of the Oakleys I had a while back. I only wear polarized glasses nowadays due to the way the cut down glare when I’m outside and I can say from personal experience that I could not have it any other way. I’m currently in the market for a new set of frames so I will definitely be checking these out!

  2. It’s been quite a nightmare for me to find good polarised glasses from the internet. 

    It was in my attempt to squeeze out some meaningful information from Google that I came across your post. And I am most grateful I did. 

    Going through your list, I love The Vilisun Sportswear, the most. With the freebies it comes with, I am hooked. 

    1. Hi Peace. These really are a bargain at that price and worth every penny in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong you can pay a lot of money for Polarised glasses, and they will probably be awesome glasses. But sometimes you really don’t need to.

  3. I’m excited to read a little but essential article about Polarized Glasses. It’s really great to know about some magnificent sunglasses all in one place. Especially in the summer, sunglasses are very useful accessories indeed. Vilisun Sportswear is my first choice among them. I hope I can find the price with photos on Amazon. Thanks to the author for excellent reviews.
    Best wishes,

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