Which jacket is for you?

Whatever outdoor sports and activities you are into, at some point you are going to need a decent outdoor jacket. I find with the outdoor gear you do generally get what you pay for. But like most things in life, there is always a few exceptions. I start this page with what I believe to be some of the best waterproof jackets in 2020.

In the second part of the page, I have picked jackets that are generally suited for people on a budget. These ones are what I believe to be the better ones in the cheaper price range.

The North Face

‘The North Face’ is a very well known and respected manufacturer of awesome outdoor wear. Originally only catering for climbers they have now broadened their horizons and do a large range of high-end quality gear for most outdoor pursuits. These include activities such as Hiking, Snowboarding, and Skiing.

The business first opened its doors in 1966 and is now known as one of the best places for outdoor waterproof clothing and accessories. The official headquarters for ‘The North Face’ is based in Canada, but are renowned for their clobber worldwide. In general, their jackets can be a bit pricey but you really are paying for high quality.

The Evolve ll waterproof jacket

‘The North Face’ does have a large selection of outdoor jackets to choose from but the Evolve ll is one of their best waterproof jackets to start with. The coat is a ‘tri-climate’, which basically means it is three jackets in one. It has an inner fleece that zips up to the outer shell, so you can use the fleece separately, the outer shell separately, or zip them together for the best of both worlds.

The outer shell is 100% waterproof and breathable ensuring you stay nice and dry on those miserable wet days and don’t get too sweaty, which is always a bonus. Like most decent jackets it is also windproof. The jacket has a number of different sized pockets and cuffs that are adjustable.

The hood is a really nice snug one too that can be packed away neatly in the hood when not in use. It comes in several sizes from extra small right up to triple xl. So if you are into your outdoor pursuits or just looking for a nice light weatherproof jacket, this one is well worth a look. By clicking on the link you will be able to see full details and many more quality jackets by ‘The North Face’.

The Evolve 11 jacket


Berghaus, just like The North Face are up there amongst the fore-runners in outdoor wear. There certainly aren’t many amongst us that haven’t heard of them and it’s all for the right reasons. Berghaus is an English company that is based in Sunderland. It was founded by two keen climbers who went by the names of Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison.

Though they started off importing goods into the UK in 1966, they soon realised they could make their own outside gear. So in 1970 they did just that and produced the first Berghaus rucksack. The rest is history and they were soon manufacturing some of the most popular outdoor gear that we know and love today.

Berghaus Cornice interactive jacket

I really think this jacket is comfortable and lightweight (I have one) and perfect for the slightly warmer climate. Saying that the jacket does come with extra zips enabling you to add an inner fleece if you so desire. Choosing to add the fleece underneath turns it into a perfect jacket for the colder days we are bound to encounter at some stage.

The jacket is fitted with a hood that folds away nicely into the collar. A hood like this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but personally, I see no problem with it. The jacket comes with three pockets accommodating most items like maps, phone. wallet, compass, etc without a problem.

The drawcord waist and elasticated cuffs are a seriously nice touch when Mother Nature decides to throw some cold windy conditions at you. To me, keeping the wind off you when you’re out and about is pretty important, there’s nowt worse than feeling a chill, I find it just ruins my day. Because this bad boy is made from GORE-TEX it is 100% waterproof and totally breathable making it a joy to wear.

Another feature I like is the two-way main zip. If you’re in and out a vehicle for any reason it’s easy to just zip the bottom zip halfway up making it a lot more comfy in the sitting position. All in all a very nice jacket and fairly reasonably priced. This to me is one of the best waterproof jackets of today.

The Berghaus Cornice jacket


Timberland LLC is a company probably better known for the quality boots they produce. But as well as the awesome footwear they also make some pretty damn fine outdoor wear. Timberland is an American company with its headquarters based in Stratham, New Hampshire. Although they originate from the USA they are now known for their merchandise worldwide.

The business first opened its doors in 1928 meaning they have 91 years’ experience under their belt. The jacket shown is just one of the Timberland range available on the market, but if you click here you can check out many more.

Timberland Pro waterproof jacket

The Timberland Pro comes in sizes adequate enough to fit most people ranging from small (s) up to double extra-large (XXL). The jacket comes with two-way front zip, which is handy enough. The main material used in the making of this jacket is a machine washable nylon, so no having to mess around with dry cleaners, just pop it in the washing machine instead.

The Timberland Pro comes fully insulated making it nicely warm and snug in cold conditions. In fact, I would probably say it is more of an Autumn/winter jacket. It seems to be the only bad thing about this one is that it comes in quite large. So when ordering you may want to order a size smaller than what you usually wear.

The Timberland Pro jacket

Helly Hansen

Helly Juell Hansen was the founder of the Norwegian company ‘Helly Hansen’. He had a lot of experience at sea from the young age of fourteen. Not surprisingly he decided to start manufacturing oilskin coats and trousers and was very good at it, in fact, he was that good he managed to sell 10,000 of them in the first five years of trading. At the time probably one of the best waterproof jackets you could buy.

In 1914 he passed away leaving his well-established company to his son who was also called ‘Helly Hansen’. The company itself is still going strong today and has stood the test of time. Their jackets are available at a very reasonable price.

Helly Hansen Verglas

This is a really nice light-weight jacket that is made up of three layers. (Helly tech 3 layer fabric construction). Ok, it may not be the warmest of jackets, but it’s certainly pretty awesome at protecting you from the elements seeing that it is windproof, waterproof and highly breathable.

It comes with a decent built-in hood complete with a peak and a handy drawcord system that pulls the hood nice and snug around your face. The hood is also designed to accommodate several types of helmets underneath it. Perfect for those outdoor pursuits that acquire you to protect your head whilst keeping the harsh weather at bay.

The zips are nice and robust and easy to grip even with cold hands. Seeing they are made from YKK they are strong enough to withstand most outdoor activities. Inside the jacket, there is an adjustable waist cord. This is handy for keeping the cold winds off you that tend to blow up under the jacket.

The Verglas accommodates most people with sizes ranging from small to double XXL and comes in two colours, sweet lime (green) and celestial (blue). The Helly Hansen Verglas really is worth considering if you’re into your outdoor pursuits.

To sum it up

These jackets are just a handful of what is out there. Personally I don’t think you will go far wrong with any of these. Do any of you guys own one of these jackets? Do you think it is one of the best waterproof jackets of 2020? I would love to hear your reviews good or bad. If you are into being outdoors, feel free to check out this post on outdoor watches.


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