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Gifts for the Angler in your life

When buying gifts for Anglers that are passionate about their sport, we all know that you can’t go wrong with a fishing based idea. Whether it be a novelty fishing gift, a useful fishing gift or  personalised fishing gifts, you can bet your life us Anglers will love it.

Personally, I have hinted many a time for one, but always end up with something I ‘need’ such as trainers, a jumper or socks and boxer shorts, which don’t have quite the same effect somehow. So if you really want to impress that special someone have a browse through the list of top fishing gifts I have hand-picked for you.

From Fishy T-shirts to miniature key rings to novelty mugs, pick something based on their passion to Make them smile next time you treat them to a present. Just click HERE to view the items on


Let’s face it, you really can’t go wrong buying a novelty fishing mug. This quality porcelain mug is manufactured in the UK and comes in a polystyrene box inside its own little gift box. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe.
Novelty Anglers mug


This quality t-shirt is made from cotton and is available in sizes small up to xx-large. A must for any type of Angler.

A Fishy gift for Anglers


Available in a number of different covers, this fishing log is a must have for all anglers. Its very handy for Being able to record information such as types of fish caught, weather conditions, air temperature what bait was used and much more, perfect for looking back and comparing notes.

Anglers logbook


Let them be the envy of their fishing buddies next time they get a round of drinks in with this genuine real leather wallet. You can also personalise this item at a small extra cost.

A fishy wallet


If you know someone who likes their bbq’s as much as their fishing be sure to buy them this little beauty. It is 100% polyester and is machine washable.

Novelty fishing apron


Most Anglers are going to appreciate a few extra tips to help put the whopper on the bank! You will find them all in this ‘little book of fishing tips’.

Anglers Fishing tip book


Look good on the bank with these quality polarised sunglasses. This is a top fishing gift, not only do they give you eye protection blocking 100% of harmful UV rays, they will also take the glare off the water making it a lot easier to spot any lurking predators in the swim.

Oh, and they make you look cool! With a lifetime breakage warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, they sure are hard to beat.

Polarised Fishing glasses


Now what Anglers aren’t going to want to open their alcoholic beverage With a superb looking Rainbow Trout? Made from stainless steel with a handy magnet in the back, it can be kept on the side of your fridge. So no more hunting high and low in that dreaded kitchen bits drawer.

Rainbow Trout bottle opener


Being a fisherman myself, I know how heartbreaking it is seeing your phone sink to the bottom of a river. With this phone case that will not be an issue. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also buoyant, making it nice and easy to retrieve the phone. These cases really are cool gifts for Anglers.

Waterproof phone case


Be the envy of your fishing buddies with this portable fish finder by Garmin. Being made by Garmin it means its a good quality product. It has a 3.5-inch colour screen with built-in GPS. Its maximum depth is 1600 ft and also logs the water temperature. A must-have for all types of Anglers.


ALL Anglers like to get a nice photo of their trophy fish. So what better gift to get than a smartphone tripod. That way it is not a problem taking photos whilst fishing alone. It is supplied with a Bluetooth remote control making it very easy to take the perfect photo. And weighing in at only 0.85lb, it isn’t going to weigh you down when walking to your favourite swim. This truly is up there in handy gifts for Anglers.

Smartphone tripod


Looking to make someone smile? Then look no further, what Angler could resist smiling whilst slurping out of this Milf mug. Made from high-quality ceramic, with an easy grip handle, it’s sure to be a hit. USA only.

Novelty Fishing mug


Fishfinders are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and let’s face it most of us have a smartphone with us whilst fishing. So why not combine the two and get the ibobber fish finder that is run off your Android or ios software. With accurate sonar readings to depths of 135ft and a ten-hour battery life, it is quality at an affordable price. The Deeper Pro Plus is also a very good option for a budget portable Fishfinder. Check it out here.

ibobber Fishfinder

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