NFL HOVER HELMETS. The super cool gift.

What is an NFL Hover Helmet?


Hi, welcome to the place to buy your NFL hover helmets and other cool gadgets and gifts. What is a Hover Helmet I hear you ask? If you’re anything like me you will truly love this product. Before I go on you will probably love these Bluetooth helmet speakers as well. Anyway, where was I?

These ingenious pieces of tech are powered by electromagnetic forces, enabling the NFL hover helmet of your choice to literally hover and spin in mid-air. Truly breathtaking by any account. The thing about these is they look good just about anywhere.

They look Truly Awesome

In a high rise office, they will astound all that see it. As a centerpiece in your home, they will look perfect. In the teenager’s bedroom, their friends will think they are awesome. They really do tend to turn heads regardless as to where ever they are placed. These super cool NFL hover helmets also make a perfect night light for your kid’s bedrooms.


The Hover Helmet, a perfect gift idea


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A Must-Have Gadget of 2020

These come packed with features such as, quality led lights in the base, which nicely illuminate the helmet. Built-in electromagnets causing the helmet to hover as if by magic and continuously spin in mid-air.

With its updated artwork, classy design and incredibly simple to set up, it surely is a football fan must-have gadget of 2018. These quality looking replicas are 1/2 scale to the real thing. They really are a unique must-have item. Imagine people’s faces when you buy them one of these for Christmas, or their birthday, graduation, anniversary, in fact, any reason at all really.

Very Simple to Set up Your Hover Helmet

Setting them up is certainly no hard task. Just plug them into the mains, use the spacer provided and place it between the top section of the stand and the helmet itself. Slowly take the spacer away and ‘hey presto’ you have an awesome looking helmet hovering in mid-air between the stand.

There is a Display Case Available

There’s also quality made acrylic cases to accompany the Hover Helmets, which I personally believe is a must if you do decide to buy one of these helmets.


The Hover Helmet display case


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To clean your stunning looking Hover Helmet just wipe over with a damp cloth. DO NOT use detergents or alcohol-based cleaning products. Please feel free to click on the Amazon buttons to view the team of your choice and to find out more about the Hover Helmets.


NCAA Hover Helmets

Recently, there are a lot of elegant collectibles you can lay your hands on. One fascinating collectible that has caught the interest of many sports fans is the new and latest NCAA football hover helmet. These are made to a high-quality top-notch design equipped with advanced technology. This allows the miniature helmet to spin slowly using an electromagnetic force. It also bears the name of your favorite team. It illuminates and adds beauty to your room, and is also a great way to show commitment to your team.

The NCAA football hover helmet is a small replica of 1/2 scale made of high-quality materials, its durability is superb, and it is made affordable. The electromagnetic force allows the helmet to suspend in the air and spin slowly as long as it is connected to a source of power. Like the NFL helmets, the NCAA helmets also have a display case available, adding a touch more class.

Easily Displayed in a Home or Office

With the nature of its size and design, it is easy to display in your house or office as they don’t take much space. Being a fan of any team in the NCAA football league it will be nice to purchase the hover helmet to add to your growing number of sports collectibles in your home. Aside from this, you can use this to decorate your living room, bedroom, and office to showcase your team pride.

Setting up Takes Just a Few Minutes

The new NCAA football hover helmet will definitely intrigue you and your visitors. It doesn’t take the whole day to set up this product, just within a couple of minutes you are done. Here are a few steps to help you.


    • Plug in the base
    • Hold the plastic spacer between the underpart of the upper stand, and the topmost of the helmet.
    • Carefully and slowly remove the plastic spacer. The helmet should start hovering now
    • .Gently tap the helmet to allow it to rotate slowly.

Perfect Gifts for any Football Fan

These, like the NFL hover helmets, are a perfect gift for a football fan, once you know their favorite team you can order one with the name or logo on the helmet. This kind of gift won’t be forgotten in a hurry. It has also replaced the conventional night lamps in the home of many sports fans today. Therefore, it is perfect as night lamps for kids in their rooms thus serving a dual purpose.

Having the levitating helmet is a captivating and interesting way of promoting an NFL team or a college team. They are available not only for bigger National Football League teams but also for smaller college teams. Be a true supporter of your team and show your loyalty by showing off one of these today.

Be a proud owner of the NCAA football helmet today and enjoy the feeling of drawing closer to your team daily

An NCAA Hover Helmet


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The Hover Football


The Hover Football


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Also available from the makers of the stunning Hover Helmet, is this awesome Hover Football. This is every bit as cool as the Hover Helmets themselves. The Football with your team logo on the side hovers effortlessly above the pitch below boasting your team colors.

Not only do they come with an impressive LED light that nicely lights up the football, but they also double up as a speaker. Yep, these have a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Ensuring you can listen to the game in style.

The base has a USB charging port built into it so powering it is never a problem. This is the perfect gift idea for the Football fan in your life.


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