Gift Ideas For The NHL Fan

 When presenting a gift, one of the things to consider is the significance of your intended gift to the recipient. If you’ve decided to get a gift for someone, the next thing to do is to figure out what the perfect gift should be. Some items would turn out great and useful for one individual, but of little or no significance to the other.

There are different gifts for different occasions as well as different gifts for different people. Many times, you’ll observe that sports enthusiasts prefer the items that relate to their type of sports or those with designs for their favorite team.

So, for a hockey fan, they would probably love stuff that they could wear outdoors when they’re at the stadium supporting their team, or some other items that could form part of a formal dressing or even those that are designed for indoor and/or recreational use. Whatever the purpose may be, the idea is to have a product that consolidates or ignites a passion for the game. Hence, here is a review of some items that would be suitable for a national hockey league fan.

 NHL licensed home vs away billiard/pool balls

The Imperial billiard/pool balls have been designed to allow you to have a taste of the excitement of hockey outside the pitch. So, even right in the comfort of your living room, you can engage your family members in a pleasurable game.

The item has a product dimension of about 2.3*10*10 inches and it is manufactured from A Grade polyester resin. All the graphics and colors have been carefully produced such that you are able to have some feeling of the real sports experience. Pricing and other description for the product can be accessed from the Amazon store. There are various team options from which buyers can make a choice.

NHL Hand-stitched needlepoint belt

The Smathers and Branson needlepoint belt is made using full grain, chestnut leathers. All the products are hand stitched and are produced to come in different colors. The item has a dimension of 12.7*5.7*2.6 inches each, and this is just an average.

It is specifically designed for men and can be worn for both formal and informal purposes. Size, as well as team specifications, can be selected at the point of sales. The product is listed and sold by the store on Amazon. It is recommended that size selection is made, one or two sizes up the actual size intended by the buyer. The product package includes a handmade wooden box in which the belt is sold.

Chicago Blackhawk neon clock

This is a product of Trademark Gameroom. The clock is a large conspicuous one suitable for display in your living room. The team logo appears boldly on the clock face and it has a bubble acrylic front cover which is a little pushed out. It also has two neon rings, one of which sheds light on the clock face.

The Chicago Blackhawk neon clock has a diameter of 14 inches and runs on 110V batteries. The pricing is reasonable with a free shipping option. The clock is certified by the National hockey league, and it is an ideal gift item for the Chicago Blackhawk fan.

New York Rangers player 3 Jersey graphics framed photo

This is a nice decorative item for the home and any other place. It is a framed photo with an area of about 10*20* and shows a beautiful three Jersey color selections for the New York Rangers hockey team. The product is NHL certified and ordered from the online store.                      

 Officially licensed NHL hardwood side/end table

Although this is a gift item with a relatively bigger size, it is still very much an appropriate one. The table is made from hardwoods that do not easily scratch. It has a great design with a reversible mid panel that can be used to switch between the surface with the team logo, and the surface without the prints.

The product comes with varying team options with little price differences so you can select the favorite team of the recipient of the gift. The table has a dimension of 22*24*24 inches and a weight of about 0.16 ounces. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled all over again. The Amazon distributor sells with free shipping within the USA.

NHL men’s vintage lacer heavyweight hoodie

The hoodie is a thick and convenient product with a vintage design. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester material, and a good item for the cold. The lacer at the bottom of the neck allows the user to adjust the tightness of the clothing around the neck.

There are different colors with the different team names and their logos. The hoodie is a great piece that would confer some class on the person wearing it, and makes you easily associate with the other fans of your favorite team.

This product is manufactured by the Old time hockey corporation and it’s an officially licensed product of the NHL. Product weight is put at around one pound, and it is made with a sweatshirt material. The hoodie has a high rating on the Amazon store. Orders can be made with a size and team logo selection. There are certain price discounts, especially for bulk purchases.

Winnipeg jets cufflinks.

The Winnipeg jets cufflinks are an attractive item that would serve just right as a gift. They are a ¾” diameter, metal plated base product with a polish bullet back closure. The Winnipeg Jets logo is well displayed on the cufflinks back to inspire you and make you feel like you’re really part of the team.

The item is made to a high quality and a weight of about 2.08 ounces. The manufacturer is Cufflinks™ but can be ordered from the S & W group store on Amazon. The shipping package includes a gift box which makes the presentation of it more attractive.

NHL Detroit ring wings twin/ full-size comforter with a sham set.

Made of 100% polyester material, the product comes in a package dimension of 21.1*17.1*8.3 inches and an item weight of about 4.3 pounds. The package set includes a 76*86 inch comforter as well as two 20*26 inch pillow shams.

The team logo is imprinted on each of the comforter as well as the two pillow shams. Pricing and shopping details can be found on the Amazon store.

NHL team logo decal

This is a product of the Wincraft ™ company. The item is made of high-quality vinyl material with high durability, as it is able to resist tear and fade for a long time.

The logo graphics come in a 3D high resolution which brings out the uniqueness of the decal when hung on the wall. It is a high-quality sticker, that can still be easily removed and reused as you wish. The decals come in in 7 different colors with an option to choose your favorite team, as well as free shipping benefits.

NHL men’s vandlal wordmark quarter zip mid-layer.

Manufactured by the Levelwear™. This vandal polo is 100% polyester with an amazingly lightweight that feels comfortable and smart on the user. The product weight is about 6.4 ounces and is specifically designed for men. It is manufactured with an anti-static, moisture working fabric that allows it to stretch.

The product is of superb quality and is an ideal gift for the hockey fan. Buyers can select their team names together with the size and color they want. Unlike some other clothing of its category, the sizes as manufactured fits exactly to what is expected.

NHL Northender guitar.

This is an awesome hardwood guitar with custom bodywork. Its essential features are an adjustable bridge,  a whammy bar, as well as single and dual coil pickups. The product is a 25 pounds weight item, which comes together with a guitar stand and a black gig bag.

According to overall makeup, the neck and headstock are hewn out of maple, while the fingerboard is derived from the rosewood. This is a good tool to cheer your team up, or just to sit and play on your own. The guitar is manufactured by Sports vault™ but sold and shipped in the US by There are various team options from which you can make a selection; all at the same prices.

Holland bar stool L214NHL.

This pub stool is 28*28*36 inches in dimension with a gross weight of about 62 pounds. It is made of a plating grade steel that is substantially able to resist scratch, thus making it look shiny and intact for as long as it is possible.

The table fully represents your team as it has the logo well designed on the top of it in bright full colors. The table comes in 26”*36”, 28”*42”, and 36” sizes. It is officially licensed pub table for the St Louis Blue hockey team and would be cherished by a fan. Manufactured by Holland bar stool™, the stool can be ordered online on Amazon. There are most teams available.

When you’ve got a hockey league fan you want to send a gift, the next thing to do would be to know what team they support. These range of options makes deciding on the appropriate gift, less constraining and more precise. If any of your friends are into Basketball then why not try this page for gift ideas.

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Mat A. · March 19, 2018 at 7:27 pm

Hey there,
Great resource for NHL Hockey gifts. Personally my fave league to watch is the NFL but growing up less than 2 hours from St. Louis there’s a lot of hockey fans for the Blues around there. I was actually in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and had dinner at a place that is inside the arena where the new NHL Hockey team practices. It was full and there was a lot of buzz about the first season.
One of my daughters plays on a club volleyball team and I’ve become friends with a dad tho’s an NHL fanatic. I’ll be sure and hook him up with your website for some great gift ideas. After all, Father’s Day is just a few months away…..
Thanks for the great resource,
Mat A.

    Stuart · March 19, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks Mat, The list will be added to soon.

H. Erin Nelson · April 11, 2018 at 8:30 am

Hello and great site for sports fans! I especially love the variety you offer and the uniqueness of each one! I am interested in the NHL men’s vintage lacer heavyweight hoodie. I have the perfect person to buy it for—my daughter’s fiance! I will bookmark your site for future gifts for all the sports nuts in my family! Thanks for a great selection!

    Stuart · April 11, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    Cheers Erin, much appreciated.

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