The legendary Nike Air Jordan

 Nike Air Jordan shoes are the brainchild of the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan and the athletic clothing designers Nike. The first designed Air Jordan was produced in 1984 and introduced into the market in 1985. The trainers were designed for Nike by Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore, and Tinker Hatfield. The Air Jordan 1 changed the world of sports shoes by the way the pop star and basketball legend used them on the court. The shoes were built for high performance, speed, and agility which were synonymous with the athlete.

Over the years, Nike Air Jordan has introduced over 30 distinct designs of sports shoes with features that have redefined the sport and style for trainer lovers all of which are meant to make the wearer “fly like Jordan”. The Air Jordan sneakers have remained fresh and a top contender in the world of sneakers, they also have a unique design with more air pumped into the cushion of the outsole to create that lightweight effect and deep traction when on the court. His dream was the shoes should look good and perform even better.

Even though Michael Jordan rakes in millions for his trainers deal each year, the Air Jordan has also touched lives in various ways. The brand has successfully sponsored active NBA players to the top of their careers who are also endorsers of the brand. The Air Jordan also associate with other major sporting leagues like the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA), the Major league Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), and the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)

A Brief Overview of the Air Jordan

The Air Jordan 1 was designed specifically for Michael in 1984 by Peter Moore. It had the signature red and black color that most AJ has but was banned by the NBA for not following the color regulations of a white trainer. The trainers were reintroduced with more white and other colors for customer appeal.

The AJ 2 was released after the success of the AJ 1 and was designed by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore in Italy. The shoes were beautifully structured with air bubble cushion for maximum comfort and speed. With that said, AJ has been at the forefront of sports shoe designing and changing the way the game of basketball is played by getting design inspirations from all over the globe.

Some of the best Air Jordan trainers over the years are….

The Nike Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)


These trainers have a funny history to the name; the shoe was worn by Michael Jordan during NBA finals with the Utah Jazz in 1997. History has it that the game was tied 2-2 and MJ has flu. However, the star managed to play and led his team to a victory scoring 15 points in the 4th quarter of the game. The shoe comes in a unique red and black color and a favorite for most players and basketball lovers. The AJ 12 is lightweight with ultimate feet comfort due to the full-length zoom airbag.

Features The Nike Air Jordan 12

Great traction grip for any surface

Perfect fit for players with long and wide feet

A quick lacing system that ensures that the foot is lockdown during a game

Durable, sturdy, breathable leather upper with ankle support


They are stylish and can be worn with any outfit 

The shoes fit like a glove with comfort in the right places

They are a collector item because of the history behind the shoes

The AJ 12 is the most comfortable of all the AJ brands in the market


The quality is not up to par with other air Jordan brands

They are not easy to maintain

Review: Nike Air Jordan 12 might not meet all your needs, but it is by far the best sports shoe with great performance, agility, and durability in the Jordan brand. The material is of high quality, great cushioning systems for your feet, and a perfect fit for any size. It is a well-built shoe that will outlast other shoes in the same category and worth every penny spent.

The Nike Air Jordan B Fly     

For athletes looking for quick, light step, and control; then the Nike Jordon B Fly is the best sneaker for you. It features the Nike Zoom Air unit for superior responsive, high-performance support, and an excellent traction outsole for outstanding performance on the court.

Features The Nike Air Jordan B fly

Great performance and comfortable sneaker

Good traction for superior on-court grip

Lightweight and cushioned sole for superb comfort

Upper asymmetrical lacing to keep your feet lockdown in the shoe

Improves midfoot support

High quality and flexible material 


A well-designed sports shoe

Excellent for new and upcoming basketball players

Made of durable and tough material

Perfect fit for running and walking

Excellent grip and no heel slippage and good support around the ankle

Good cushioning that protects the feet during impact with the ground

Exceptionally light to give you that Michael Jordan height during a play


The shoes are tight and narrow around the toes

Review: if you are looking for a good shoe with comfort, lockdown, and amazing fit with great traction; the B fly is the best air Jordon in the market. The shoe elevates your performance and is well cushioned for high jumps with less impact on landing.

The Nike Air Jordan 1 mid, white     

Nike Air Jordan combines style and performance to give durable and quality sports shoes from the Air Jordan brand. The trainers are water-resistant and built to protect the feet against different weather elements, especially, rain and snow. The outsole provides excellent tractions and a good grip on any surface. The trainers are made with synthetic materials and light cushion insole to comfort your feet any time

Pros The Nike Air Jordan 1 mid

Excellent in wet conditions due to the waterproof features

Good ankle support and keeps feet warm during cold weathers

Excellent fit and grip

The trainers can be used on various terrains

Very comfortable and flexible

It is gender-neutral 


The outer sole is a bit harder than some trainers in this category

Not suitable for people with wide feet

Review: The Nike Air Jordan was introduced in 2015 and it’s a more feminine version of the sneaker, but guys that like them can have them customized to their size. The upper is sleek with a superior finish and sheen. The shoe is bold and pairs nicely with some lose sweater, shorts or leggings.

The marriage between Nike and Air Jordan is a match made in heaven for the sneaker world, the collaboration seems to be doing well with spectacular and exceptional trainer designs introduced every time. Other celebrities might have influenced the fashion and sports industry, but Michael Jordan’s impact on the trainer’s industry is changing the sport, fashion, and shoe industries by upgrading the sneakers to more than we can imagine. Some trainers are bought by collectors not to wear them, but to have a share in the legends historic moments on the basketball court. Please feel free to checkout ‘this post’ on Basketball gift ideas.