Get yourself some tailgating party supplies. 

True NFL fans know that to enjoy a football season fully you have to gear up, and not just gear up, but you have to make plans for tailgating parties!!!NFL season means tailgating season and the best way to enjoy the season fully is to get the best tailgating party supplies and the best of the bundles. Which are available right here, be proud to flaunt your team’s color and check out this Tailgating gear that is available.

The bundles come with folding chairs, tables and even canopies in different shapes and sizes, and have branded team logos on them to help fans better Represent their teams.

Whether you are going for anew folding chair, a table or you want a complete tailgating party set with the canopies; we’ve got you.


Twin Set Tailgate Bundle




This bundle comes with a foldable chair made of polyester. This chair is durable and comfortable with no sag. It comes with a mesh cup holder for your favorite game drink and with good quality steel frames to hold the chair in place. The chair comes with a carry case with your choice of the team logo and can carry the weight of someone up to 250 pounds.

Next in line is this collapsible table that can cater for at least 4 persons and is easily transportable. Again you can have your team logo on it and your team colors are included. To complete this bundle for the football fan with a one-person tailgating party in mind you get 1 trio toss, 1 corn hole set, 1 grill, and 1 softsided portable cooler.

You can purchase your single branded tailgate bundle right here at unbeatable prices and amazing quality. This bundle is manufactured by Rawlings.

Double Tailgating Bundle



Get in here football fans and get the party started with this deluxe bundle! For the diehard fans, the fun is just beginning as you can light up the area with your branded tailgating bundles. Manufactured by Rawlings, this bundle comes in small, medium and large.

The small bundles contain 2 chairs,1 table, 1 trio toss, 2 coolies, 1 grill and a corn hole set. This is a total of 8 items. This is amazing for a 2 man party.

The medium bundle contains 10 items which include 4 chairs, a table, a grill, 2 coolers, a trio toss, and a corn hole set.

The large bundle includes 4 chairs, a table, a grill, a trio toss, 6 coolies, 2 coolers and a corn hole set. The more,the merrier I think, the large bundle simply means more people, more fun, better party experience. All products are durable and comfortable and made to a high standard. 



The NFL hall of fame bundle

Main Components

Following are the main components of this party package:-

One (1) 9’x9’ NFL straight leg canopy packed in a black carry case with the team logo on it.

Four (4) NFL Kickoff Quad Folding Chairs packed in a team logo carry case.

One (1) 31.5” x 20.7”x19” NFL Endzone Table packed in a team logo carry case.

One (1) NFL 16 Can Soft-Sided Cooler with 24-hour cooling technology.

The hall of fame Tailgating bundle

This is the star of tailgating party bundles. Fully outfitted, this bundle spells fun for the game season.

What does the bundle hold? The NFL hall of fame bundle comes equipped with a canopy (9ft by 9ft) that pops up instantly and comes with a carrying case, 4kick off foldable chairs that are portable, 1 cooler that can hold 16 cans with a twenty-four-hour-long cooling technology and a portable end zone table that comes with a carrying case.

An image of a tailgate bundle.

The hall of fame bundle.

The NFL hall of fame bundle

This is the bundle for anyone who wants to experience the football season with their squad. NFL hall of fame bundle is the squad bundle. With this, you can wear your team color proudly, flaunt it whilst you’re tailgating and get the party started. If you like the NFL you may also like this post on NFL gift ideas.


  1. Tailgating!

    Miss the season already. Won’t be long though and it is time to upgrade my scene. I like that you had the Packers listed first.

    I like the way you broke it down into packages…. Who doesn’t want to be in the Hall of Fame?

    Look like it is time to get with it.

    Enjoyed how well you shared the options. Time to get it done.


    Which do you like the best?

  2. HI,

    Greeting from sunny (its raining) England!

    I have always been confused by the US tradition of Tailgating! While it sounds perfect the combination of sports, drinking and BBQ. I don’t quite understand the logic?

    You get together in the parking lot, You all drink and eat then watch the game, then drink and eat some more…heaven. But then what? If everyone is drunk how do you get home? Without getting preachy surely you don’t drive as the police must have cottoned on to the number of potential DUI’s they could rack up.

    So whats the Score?

    An interested Foreigner…

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