What is the Perfect Baseball Gift

So what are the best Baseball gifts of 2020? Are you struggling to find that special Baseball gift for someone? The Internet is a wonderful thing but can be a bit overwhelming at times. With so many websites out there where do you turn? We like to keep it simple here and show you our top picks only. For more information on any of the products just click on the links provided. Enjoy….


Baseball Pitching Machine


If you’re buying a gift for a young Baseball fan, you can’t go far wrong with this pitching machine. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the price as well. The kids are going to love it. All you need to power this is 4 c batteries. These aren’t included in the set and can be purchased ‘here’ if need be.

Though the batteries arent included, the balls are. With the pitcher machine, you will get four foam Baseballs included in the price. Designed to be softer on the little uns. The pitcher can hold a maximum of 9 balls, so you could purchase some more if required.

The two main settings on the pitcher are an adjustable pitching speed and an adjustable pitching angle. The speed has 3 different settings which are 10mph, 15mph or 20mph. The ball is pitched every 7 seconds and is indicated by a red light so the kids are ready for it.

The angle of the pitch has 3 different settings to it aswell. So there really is a pitch suitable for everyone. This is well worth a look.

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Baseball Night light


Another popular gift nowadays is the 3d hologram effect night light. These are popular because they are very reasonably priced, look rather cool and are very practical around the house. They come in so many shapes and designs, this one is a Baseball player.

The light is powered by using a USB cable or three AA batteries. Most of us have a USB cable kicking around somewhere nowadays, so powering it shouldn’t be a problem

This particular model comes with a handy 24 button remote control. This allows you to change the color with ease. You get sixteen colors to choose from and adjustable brightness. If you manage to miss lay the remote, no problem. You can also change the color via a touch button on the base.

These work as an ideal night light for the kids.

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Brooklyn Smasher Baseball Bat

Well we couldn’t have a Baseball gift list without a Baseball bat, could we? Arguably one of the best Baseball gifts available.

These bats are seriously built to last. They are made up of a heavy-grade polypropylene making them almost unbreakable. If you are after a nice lightweight bat then this one definitely isn’t for you. They are considerably heavier than a wooden bat of the same size and take a bit of swinging.

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Signed MLB Print


There are so many signed prints on the Net nowadays. Far too many for me to feature here. The one above is just one example of many that are available. Almost all these signed prints make a really nice gift. They really do look the part when they are up on the wall.

The frames come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. So you really won’t struggle to find a frame that suits the surrounding. Just click on the link below, type in your favorite Baseball player and away you go.

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Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter


Now, I just had to feature this masterpiece. This to me just oozes excellence and uniqueness. This would just add a touch of class to almost anywhere it is placed. What a talking point this would make. I’m guessing most people who see this won’t want to gift it. They will want to keep it for themselves.

The decanter will comfortably hold 75oml of your favorite Whiskey. Alternatively, if you don’t like the dark stuff why not fill it with Vodka or Wine instead. There’s no reason why we can’t bend the rules a bit.

The stand is made using good quality mahogany. Making it look both sleek and elegant on any surface.

The decanter and glasses are made of 100% lead-free glass. We don’t want to be drinking out of anything made of lead nowadays, do we! This decanter will be the showpiece in any home it is placed.

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MLB Desk Caddy


Have any of your co-workers got an untidy desk? Do they love Major League Baseball? Then this could well be the answer to ‘what gift to get them’. You just know they’re gonna love this.

Whether you keep this for yourself or gift it to a friend this is a desk caddy with a difference. It’s shaped like a baseball helmet. and got several handy compartments built-in. These are perfect for holding all your favorite pens, pencils business cards, and other stationery.

If your kids have a desk in their bedroom it will also look quite at home on there as well. It comes in a high-quality gloss finish with your favorite team logo on the front. Helping to smarten up any desk in style.

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Baseball Training Net


Do you know someone who needs to polish up their Baseball skills? This training net may just be the gift they are in need of.

The set includes a five-foot by five-foot net, a weighted training ball (16oz), a strike zone, a carrying bag and a deluxe tee.

This training net really is awesome. Whether the recipient has a big yard or a small yard this net is nice and compact and can be used in most spaces. On average the net can be set up in less than two minutes, no tools needed. It’s also just as easy to dismantle.

Simply place the weighted ball on top of the deluxe tee and take a strike at it. The tee is easily adjustable catering for most heights. Not only is this excellent practice towards the perfect strike, but it also exercises and tones the muscles needed to do so.

If you’re planning on really smashing that ball, there are some ground stakes included for added stability. The base is also weighted for the same reason. This thing is as robust as they come and everywhere that has been stitched has been double stitched. Making it built to last.

So if you are looking for a reasonably priced practice net, this could well be it. Portable, well made, robust and easy to assemble this takes some beating. Don’t believe me? Click on the link below and check out the reviews.

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Baseball Hoodie


Aaaah the old favorite shows itself again. If you are after a gift for a Baseball fan you can’t go wrong with this one. Let’s face it everyone loves a hoodie. Hence why it made it to our list of ‘best Baseball gifts’.

Whatever time of year, and for whatever occasion, a hoodie is a good all-rounder of a gift. The hoodie is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This makes it a nice durable product that is nice and soft to the touch. It also makes it nice and easy to wash. The hoodie can be machine washed at a cool temperature.

With a Twill-taped neck and built to a classic fit, it will suit almost anyone that will wear it. They are available from size s through to size 2xl.

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Baseball Bed Set


This bed set truly is a good gift for any Baseball lover out there. The 3d style image really lets the set stand out and grab ya in any style of bedroom.

If you know a lover of Baseball, then il be surprised if they don’t like this bedding set. The set comes in 3 parts. This consists of one quilt cover and two pillowcases. They are made from Microfiber Polyester. This material is 100% machine washable in cold water and the cover is also totally reversible.

Because of the Polyester material used to manufacture the set, it really is super soft to the touch. Making it really nice to snuggle up in whilst watching the game, or nodding off at night.

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Please feel free to comment below or check out some of our other gift lists ‘here‘ for Basketball or ‘here‘ for Hockey.

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