Cycling Gifts For Everyone

Surely all of us know someone mad about cycling. From a very early age, most of us learn how to jump on a bike of some sort and pedal off into the sunset. A lot of people like myself like to personalise their bikes with gadgets, cool gizmos, and safety features. There are some pretty good gifts for a cyclist around nowadays.

Whether it be off-roading, BMXing, or on-road cycling there is a lot of cycling-related gifts out there. Here at Sports gifts for you, we have searched the big wide web and come up with a pretty cool selection. Ranging from onboard computers to water bottles to the smartest cycling helmet we have them all here.

So whether you are buying a cycling gift for a child’s BMX or an adult state of the art bike, take a look at the list below. If you can think of anything that is not on the list or have got a review of one of the items please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. You may also like ‘this post’ on cycle helmets or ‘this post’ on GPS for bicycles.



The Bike bag a good gift for a cyclist


Most of us Have Mobile Phones Nowadays

Right, let’s kickstart these cycling gifts with a pretty awesome product made by ROCK BROS. How many of us have mobile phones nowadays? most of us right? So what better gift to give a cyclist than a mobile phone holder/bike bag.

Not only does it hold your phone nicely and securely, but it also has a waterproof compartment built into it. The bike bag has a highly sensitive film window that sits over the phone. Not only does this waterproof your phone, but it also makes it easy to use without stopping.

The bag has a handy hidden earphone hole in the side of it. With this feature, you can listen to anyone calling you or ride to your favourite tunes. The beauty of this is first, you don’t have to use your hands. Second, you can still hear what’s going on around you. Both being very important points when out on a ride.

Sturdy Throughout the Roughest of Rides

The ROCK BROS bike bag is really easy to install by means of 3 velcro straps. This makes it just as easy to unassemble as well. Because it has 3 velcro fasteners it’s sturdy even through the roughest of rides. The built-in compartment is plenty big enough to keep your bits and pieces such as keys, wallets, etc safe and dry. So if you are looking for good gifts for a cyclist, I would seriously consider this.

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ROCK BROS Photochromic Glasses

The ROCK BROS cycling glassesMost Cyclists Need Some Shades

Most cyclists of all abilities will want a decent pair of shades. Whether it’s a bright sunny day or a miserable gloomy one these glasses will sort you out. This is due to the intelligent 3 in 1 lens. As soon as the weather conditions change so will the tint on the lens. Making it easier to see whatever the weather. Unlike some other glasses, there is no messing around changing lenses.

To ensure a comfortable snug fit these glasses are slightly flexible. Making it easier to fit the contours of your face. An adjustable nose bridge made from soft rubber fits your nose nicely for a comfy fit. The glasses only weigh a mere 30 grams. So you will hardly know you are wearing them. All in all, making them feel better on those long journeys.

There are of course plenty of shades on the market in 2020. But if you are on a bit of a budget, and you want some good all-rounders these are a safe bet. They are made well, come in at a good price, and are very comfortable.

Included with the glasses

  • One glasses case
  • One glasses pouch
  • A soft cloth
  • Inserts for prescription lenses

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The Super Cool Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutter cycling gift

Now Who Wouldn’t Love This Cool Gift

Now really, what cycling enthusiast isn’t going to love this little beauty in their kitchen. I know I do, that’s why I’ve ordered one. A good friend of mine has one and it’s always a talking point when we have pizza round there. Hence why I have added it to my list.
Both the wheels on the bike are made from stainless steel and are really quite sharp. They glide through the thickest of pizzas really quite effortlessly. This particular model is built to a 1/10th scale of a real road bike.

This Cutter is Really Easy to Clean

The pizza cutter is really easy to clean if you manually wash up. If you are like me though and more of a dishwasher guy, it is also dishwasher safe. The bike comes with a stand included. So it can have pride of place on any kitchen surface.
It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product. I personally think you or the person you are buying it for will love it. They really are a fun addition to any kitchen.

Bike Trainer Stand

A cyclists bike trainer

Perfect for When it is Wet Outside

Is it cold and wet outside? Are you not feeling like facing the great outdoors? No problem if you have got one of these at home. This bike trainer stand is a perfect alternative for still getting the exercise you require from the comfort of your home.

The trainer will be stable on the most uneven floors due to the rubber feet. These feet are fully adjustable thus ensuring the stability of the trainer. The stand comes with 6 different settings suitable for most abilities. These are accessible via a handlebar-mounted remote. Most mountain bikes/road bikes will be ok with this product as long as the wheels are between 26 to 28 inches.

Noise Will be Kept to a Minimum

One of the best things about this is the noise reduction wheel. This means you can pedal til your heart’s content but the noise will be kept to a minimum.  Perfect for indoor use and not annoying the neighbours. This being said mountain bike off-road tyres are a tad noisier than road tyres.

So to conclude this is a really sturdy, quiet, well-built bike trainer. I think it is really fairly priced for the quality of the product and well worth considering.

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Bicycle Wine Holder

A great gift for a cyclist, a wine holder


If you Like Wine you Will Like This

Well, what do you guys think of this work of art? What an excellent talking point for any room in your house. If you know any cyclists who like their drop of vino from time to time maybe this is for them. It looks stylish and elegant just about anywhere you decide to place it.

This great looking wine holder is hand-crafted. It is also made from using 100% recycled metal, great for the environment. The measurements are Length: 10.5″, Height: 10″, Width: 3.5″ and I’m afraid it does not come with the bottle. If you click on the links below you can see more bottle holders in the range.

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Holographic Effect Night Light


A great gift for a cyclist. A bicycle night light

This is a Cool Night Light

As far as night lights go I think this one looks super stylish. I think it is the curves that just makes it stand out amongst the rest. This stylish looking bike doesn’t only come in one colour either. With the touch of a button on the base, the colour will change. In total, you have got 7 to choose from. You can either have it stuck on one of the 7 colours or have it gradually change through all 7 of them.

This lamp uses very small but quite powerful LED light bulbs. Because of this it is very energy efficient and hardly uses any power to run it. The lamp is powered by the use of 3xAA batteries or by your main power supply via a micro USB cable that is supplied.

They can be Used Anywhere Around the Home

I personally think these lamps are best suited in a bedroom. They are perfect as a night light in any kid’s bedrooms. Saying that there’s no reason why they couldn’t take pride of place anywhere in your home or office. The modern style of it lets it fit in pretty much anywhere. There are a lot more designs available as well. Please feel free to click on the links below and take a look.

So even though these make great gifts for a cyclist, I think anyone’s house could benefit from one.

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Pro Bike Multi-Tool 17 in 1


A Bicycle Multi tool

What Could Possibly Ruin Your Bike Ride?

It’s a lovely cool summer evening. The temperatures just right and the beautiful sunrise is poking its head over the horizon, as it slowly disappears from sight. The cool breeze gently kissing your cheeks and the faint sound of birds tweeting cheerfully in the background. Oh, you’ve got to love a bike ride. What could possibly ruin your evening? Something breaking or coming loose on your bike that’s what!

Let’s face it we’re not going to carry a full toolbox around with us, are we? Well with this little beauty you won’t have to. I give you the Pro BikeTool 17 in one multitool. Yes, that means you have 17 handy tools in one.

Made of a High-grade Steel

These include screwdrivers, Allen keys, a spoke gauge, Mavic spline, chain tool, and an erm…. bottle opener. Always handy! This tool is made with a high-grade steel and aluminium frame. Making it robust and built to last.

I think the sleek design noticeably makes it stand out amongst any other multi-tools available today. Coming in at 1.8 inches wide and  2.8 inches long it really is a compact gadget. Only weighing 3.9 oz it is nice and light as well considering the quality of it. This really is a great gift for a cyclist with its own bag included for storage. If you have any doubts check out the reviews in the links below.

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The eelo Cyglo Back Pack


The perfect gift for a cyclist, the eelo cyglo backpack

Safety is Paramount

To me, whilst being out on a ride my biggest concern is safety. That really has to be top of the list. We as riders can take all the precautions possible, but accidents can and will keep happening. Its a fact of life that accidents will always be there. As riders though we can take extra precautions.

One of the main causes of a cycling accident is not being seen. Reflectors and lights obviously play a big part in being seen when the light starts fading and some of those will be on my list further down. Now, why not add to your visibility by way of this superb-looking backpack by eelo.

Really Cool LED Display Unit

This backpack is really nice in looks and equally so in features. First, let’s have a look at the LED display built into the backpack. This display features 4 different signals. These include left and right arrows, a cycling logo and a warning sign. The signals are controlled by a handlebar remote control.

The remote itself is easily removable and fully adjustable. This means you can place it exactly how you want it for ease of use. This backpack is smart! If it detects excessive braking from you it will automatically show the hazard signal. This allows the drivers behind you to realise you are braking and give them a chance to slow down. I think that is a really cool feature. The LED panel is charged up via a micro USB cable and will last up to 20 hours of constant use. That’s a fair amount of time and suitable for most people’s rides.

This Backpack is Foldable

Another excellent feature of the eelo Cyglo is that it is foldable. Yes, foldable! Making it handy to store away when not in use. It is made from A real lightweight waterproof material and is 20l in size. Making it big enough for an average size laptop for you city slickers amongst us. Even the straps are breathable on this baby. So if you’re after a backpack Or thinking of buying one as a gift, this takes some beating.

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Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

A Helmet is a Must-have Accessory

As I said earlier when it comes to cycling, safety is absolutely paramount. There are a lot of safety features on the Net to choose from nowadays. But one of the best ways to protect yourself is a cycle helmet. Back in my day you very rarely see anyone riding with one. Thankfully times have changed and they are a lot more commonplace.

There was a time when a helmet was designed primarily to just protect your head. This is still the main reason for almost all of us to use one. But with technology advancing at an alarming pace, they are so much more now than ‘just a helmet’. Every year more cool features are added to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. One such helmet is the Coros Omni.

Sleek Curvy and Aerodynamic

The Coros Omni is an elegant looking helmet with all its curves, sleek edges and aerodynamic design. The shell is made out of hard-wearing Polycarbonate material. Whilst the inner layer is an EPS impact foam. Together these can withstand a good knock or two. Helping to protect your head should you fall.

I think one of the best features on the helmet is the built-in bone conduction audio setup it has. The audio, including calls and music, is amazingly channeled through your cheekbones. Sounds mad, doesn’t it? This setup leaves your ears completely free to be able to listen to your surroundings. Very handy when out and about on your ride.

Automatic LED’s

When the light starts dimming the Coros senses this and automatically turns on the LED’s built into the back of the helmet. Instantly making you more visible to the drivers around you. Another cool thing is the remote control. This simply and securely mounts on your handlebars. With this little gem, you can control your music and calls whilst on the move. On average the battery on this helmet will last you a respectful 8 hours.

So if you are looking for that special gift. I think this could be one of the best gifts for a cyclist you could buy. To browse the helmets features in-depth click the links below.

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