Top running shoes 2019

 Running has been a past time for men for centuries and still is today. However, in our society nowadays, adorning the best footwear is the difference between success and failure in the world of a runner. There are countless footwear manufacturers in the market ASIC, Nike, Saucony, Adidas, new balance, and many more introducing the latest in top running shoes for men in 2019. For that reason, it can be hard to make the best choice that will give you the edge whilst running.

Best Running Shoes 

Most runners buy new running shoes annually or for shoe lovers, they just follow the trend and add a new pair to their collection. Below is a collection of some of the best running shoes to make you achieve your running goals.

The Saucony Men’s Excursion TR11 Running Shoe


One of the best shoes that are excellent for pronation in trail running is the Saucony TR11 running shoes. The shoes are spot on for any kind of terrain with their durable outsole that provides protection and comfort during runs. Saucony is using advanced technology to maximize running performance in their shoes for whatever activity it is intended for.


  • They are very stable and comfortable for running
  • Great running shoes for pronation
  • Excellent for trail running with anti-slip and traction for rougher surfaces
  • A lightweight and flexible midsole cushion
  • They are super breathable and well-ventilated with mesh for comfortable running
  • They are lightweight allowing for easy runs and more distance
  • They use heel Grid system for long-lasting cushioning and underfoot protection
  • Employs XT-600 carbon rubber in the outsole for traction and durability


  • The outsole doesn’t work too well in wet conditions
  • Users complain that the shoe starts to end from early use

The Salomon Men Speedcross Running Shoes


You won’t regret going on your next run with the Salomon Men’s speedcross trail running shoes. The recently upgraded, multi-directional contra grip outsole provides maximum support, traction, and stability under any weather and terrain. The lightweight, abrasion resistant upper is highly durable and extends your shoe longevity with every run. It features a waterproof and breathable membrane that protects the feet and stops dirt or water from entering the shoes when running in muddy terrains. The speedcross comes with an ortholite footbed and a dual-density EVA midsole that helps absorbs shock. 


  • They provide outstanding shock absorption to the feet of the runner
  • A quick and secure lace lock system that keeps your feet secured with pockets to hide the excess away to prevent injuries during running
  • They are durable
  • They have anti-debris mesh and gusseted tongue that prevents dirt from entering the shoe
  • They are very breathable and super ventilated shoes
  • Very comfortable and lightweight rubber soles


  • The speedcross might not last on asphalt.

New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoes


The new balance 510v3 is a trail running shoe designed for pronation foot movement and are excellent for any kind of terrain. The outsole of the shoe employs a new technology, Ndurance. This highly durable rubber ensures that the shoe is protected from the elements but also from wear and tear and keep the sole looking new always. The midsole is made with high-quality cushioned material that cushions the foot from shock. The upper is lightweight, ventilated, and breathable that protects the runners’ foot during runs.


  • They are very versatile and work great for trail running on all terrain
  • They have good arch support
  • They are not flexible
  • The IMEVA midsole of the shoes ensure good comfort and stability for runners
  • They are very comfortable
  • They are good for trail and road runners
  • They have very attractive colors
  • They are durable


    • They are bulky and not lightweight
    • They are not designed for speed runners Runners 
    • They may feel a bit narrow at the front

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 24 Running Shoes


As usual, ASICS did not fail in using technology to build the best running shoes for men. The shoes are designed for overpronation runners employing the use of IGS, impact guide system which helps with how runners lift and drop their foot during running. The midsole is made with flytefoam which provides the necessary cushion effect for the runner. Unlike other brands of shoes where the midsoles wear-out, the ASICS cushion is durable and long-lasting.

The upper of the shoes are breathable, lightweight, and well-ventilated with extra space for foot expansion during running. The shoes might not be attractive but the comfort, support, and durability certainly compensate for their looks.

The outsole is made out of durable plastic for durability and acts as an excellent shock absorber for the runners.


  • Good shock absorption 
  • Dynamic Duomax gel technology for extra midsole support
  • Snug fit
  • Breathable and well ventilated
  • They are reliable and durable 
  • good moisture control                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    T

The Adidas AlphaBounce beyond Men’s Running Shoe


The Adidas AlphaBounce beyond are mostly used by runners that need extra comfort with mild pronation problems. The shoes are comfortable and allow smooth heel-to-toe transition during running. The comfortable, stable, and durable shoes have a breathable upper for ventilation during running. They provide excellent stability for neutral feet by providing a superior grip with their continental rubber.


  • They are durable
  • They are a reliable high-quality shoe for long-distance running or events
  • They are a very stable shoe and provide good support for pronation
  • Boost energy returning property


  • The extra cushion property is not loved by all

The Vibram Five Fingers Escarpines M684 Lontra Running Shoes


The Vibram Five Finger is the perfect running shoe for runners that want to have a natural feel when out. They are a nice snug fit with minimal insole and cushion. The outsole of the Vibram is made with TC-1-Dura rubber that provides the necessary protection but extra light for speed runs. The pattern on the shoes allows the runner to explore different terrain without bother. The midsole is minimal but it provides enough protection for the runners’ feet.


  • A rugged traction works for several surfaces
  • A wonderful protection for barefoot runners that run in cold conditions
  • They are lightweight and comfortable
  • They are breathable shoes with great support and flexibility for barefoot runners
  • They give the runner that natural feel of barefoot during running
  • They have a double strap system for a secure and stable fit                                                                                                                                   


  • The snug toe fit is not loved by some runners
  • The high ankle design is not comfortable for some runners

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 Men’s Running Shoes


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 are specially built to provide stability, speed, and comfort for runners. The upgraded upper mesh is breathable, well ventilated and with a smooth in-shoe feel for softer and improved comfort and security during runs. The outsole is made of blown rubber material that provides good traction and durability for road runners.


  • They have a breathable upper coverage
  • They are beautifully constructed shoes that provide the runner with unbeatable comfort from start to finish during every run
  • Excellent reliable traction
  • Good stability for the runner
  • Extra room for toe-box
  • The outsole is strong and durable


  • The stitched overlay is irritating
  • The heel is narrow

ZOCAVIA Men’s Running Shoes


The shoes are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They serve both as running shoes and a gym shoe. They have a flexible rubber sole that mimics the movement of your foot with every step to create a more natural feel. The rubber sole makes for great durability and comfort during running with its ultra-breathable upper that supports the outside of the foot.


  • Super lightweight
  • Soft outsole that won’t bend or deform
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Very breathable mesh and cushioned memory foam insole
  • They are suitable for running in all-weather because of their anti-slip feature

Merrell Men’s Glove 4 Running Shoes


The Merrell Men’s 4 trail running shoe has a minimal look with maximum performance with barefoot technology, providing an excellent natural feel for barefoot runners. The TPU mesh upper is breathable with a breathable mesh lining for excellent moisture control.


  • The Merrell is stylish and offers more protection than the previous version
  • A good shoe for long and short distance trail runs
  • Very comfortable and secured tongue unit
  • The shoes fit like a glove for comfortable runs
  • They are quite flexible


  • Runners complain of it being loose at the ankle
  • The upper mesh material is soft and tears easily
  • Not suitable for running on muddy or rocky surfaces

Benefits of investing in a good pair of running shoes

The best running shoes are the ones that allow you to complete your set goals while being gentle on your feet during runs. A good pair is kind and comfortable on your foot during and after the run. Below are some reasons why a good running shoe is very important.

Prevents blisters and other related pains: running shoes are built for running. They are built for comfort and to absorb the shock your feet make during impact. The use of ‘any kind’ of shoe in running will cause discomfort to your feet. In addition to wearing any kind of footwear for running, another negative is wearing the wrong size of footwear. This will cause blisters and foot pain after the run which will definitely deter you from further activities.

Better fit: shoe companies build custom-made shoes specifically tailored for the feet of the runner. This is because when the shoe fits well, it hugs every contour of your foot and takes the form of every step you take for maximum satisfaction and comfort. A good pair of running shoes will make your feet feel light by providing comfort where needed.

Pronation: this is important in selecting a good pair of running shoes. Pronation is the degree at which the runner’s foot rolls in or out during running. When pronation is used as a determining factor, we have two kinds of runners; the overpronation and the under-pronation runners. A good store that specializes in running shoes should give you good footwear based on your degree of pronation.

Factors to consider when buying a running shoe

Don’t listen to others: this might sound rude but buying a pair of running shoes is not one that needs the opinion of others and just because Joe Bloggs ran two marathons in that shoe doesn’t mean they are the best shoe for you. Your foot shape and size of fit is definitely different from Joes.

The soles: the soles of a runner’s shoes take most of the beating; but do you know that black soles are better and more durable than white soles. Why the difference you might ask? Well, black rubber soles are made of the same materials that car tyres are made with. They are strong, sturdy, durable, and last long for road runners. The white sole is made from air blown into plastic; they are lightweight with air pockets to give that soft feel but won’t handle a beating like the black sole shoes.

Cushioned is not comfort: sound weird, eh, but the reality is just because the shoes feel so soft to your feet don’t mean that it will remain so. You have to remember that the impact of the runner’s foot as it strikes the ground matters here and cushioned shoes might not be the way to go depending on the type of running you partake in.

Don’t purchase shoes with perfect fit: this is important. Always buy running shoes with a little space in them. This is due to the fact that when you run your feet tend to expand and needs extra space to fit into and give you ample comfort. A tightly fit pair of shoes will hurt your feet and dampen your running goals.

Bother about the lace: now does it matter, well yes unless you are one fashionable runner otherwise, the shoelace helps to stop the foot from moving around in the shoe during a run which avoids injuries.

Factors that affect running shoes

It is really difficult to place the exact distance that running shoes must cover as they can’t continue to offer 100% shock absorption and support. Below are some important factors that influence the lifespan of your running shoes.

The weight of the runner: Men obviously have a different build than women, one major factor to consider when choosing a running shoe is their weight. The weight of the runner determines how much he can get with the shoes. The bulkier a runner, the more wear and tear the shoe suffers. This is very logical as the impact of your foot on the ground is equal to five times the weight of your body. Basically speaking, the heavier you are, the more likely you are to change your running shoes sooner than later.

The running technique: how your foot hits the ground during a run tells the durability of your shoes. A light-foot dynamic runner’s shoes will last longer than an “un-dynamic” runner as the foot of the former makes brief contact with the ground unlike the latter. The more of your body weight that touches the ground, the more strain your running shoe has to endure which makes them age faster. This simple analogy is known as the gait and a runner should always choose a shoe that matches your gait for a better run.

The runner surface: if you are a road runner, the hard surface will wear down your shoes faster than a runner that runs over soft trails such as forest or sandy plain. So when buying a running shoe, choose a shoe suitable for the running surface to add durability to your shoes. All thanks to technology, shoes are designed to fit the different plains, weather, and purpose of the running individuals.

How you run

There are several benefits of running including weight loss, increase lung capacity, and drop in blood pressure and since there is no special equipment associated with running, a good running shoe that cares for your feet is the best way to go. A good running shoe should provide adequate midsole protection, good arch support, prevent injuries and improve athletic performance.

How you run: With your running style, you should choose a shoe that will protect the midsole of the feet. This is the area between the ball and heel of the foot. Good running shoes must provide a good cushioning effect to this area to reduce the stress placed on the ankle, toes, and heels during a run.

The shape of the arch: the arch is mainly for runners with flat feet. These types of runners have low or no arch and therefore need extra cushion support for proper foot alignment.

The weather: for runners that run in all-weather; breathable shoes for hot weathers and dry ventilated or waterproof shoes for wet weather are the two types of features to consider in running shoes.

Types of running shoes

Stability shoes: these shoes are excellent for flat-foot runners with overpronation but offer extra support for a runner with pronation feet by providing support to the midsole or extra ankle support to help you run longer.

Barefoot running: with the introduction of barefoot running, many runners enjoy a more natural feel with barefoot running shoes. These shoes are designed with minimal protection between your feet and the ground.

Cushioning shoes: these shoes provide for maximum shock absorption best for runners looking for heel-to-toe comfort. They are the best for trail runners.

Motion control shoes: these are particularly good for runners with overpronation as they give extra protection to your knees by securing the feet with dual density midsoles, footbridges and/or roll bars. They are also excellent for pronation sufferers too.

When to change your running shoes

Check the midsole: push your fingers into the middle part inside the shoe, if it presses easily, the shoes need changing as it has lost some of its cushioning ability or if the midsole is wrinkled, change the shoes.

Inspect the outline of the shoes: the outer part of the shoes will determine if they are getting old. If the tread is loose or the sole is wearing thin, then the shoes need a replacement.

The stability: place the shoes on a flat surface and observe. The shoes are supposed to be flat without any tilts. However, if it tilts in or out, then they may need replacing.

Torsional Rigidity: to do this, twist the front and back of the shoes in opposite directions. If the sole twists easily, do two things. First get new running shoes and secondly choose a new brand with better gait.

Don’t allow your shoes to get to bad before changing them. Check them daily or after a long run to avoid any unnecessary discomfort that could be avoided.


Well, a good running shoe is all you need towards having a good health, increase mental awareness, build muscles, lose weight, and break records. Whatever your reasons for running, get the best running shoes and beat the distance.

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