The NFL Snack Helmet

An NFL Snack Helmet is the must-have snack holder of 2019. It’s a super cool idea that is catching on fast across America. So if you’re one of many people who is thinking to yourselves ‘what is an NFL Snack Helmet’ then please keep reading and I will explain all.

No More Boring Old Snack Bowls

Who doesn’t wait for the big football game night? Everything seems beyond cool when all your buddies are over at your place. Chilling, watching the football game, all this while munching on their favorite snacks. This is the pure definition of fun, isn’t it? But, imagine if your friends came and you served them snacks in boring, old bowls. Wouldn’t that stain your reputation for being the best football game night host around? Of course it would. Which is why we have good news that will make you cling to that title, from now till forever.

Enjoy your munchies the coolest way possible, with an NFL snack helmet

Meet, your next addition to the NFL merch collection, your new NFL snack helmet. This is one sturdy snack helmet that I bet won’t go breaking down. Regardless of how many times you and your buddies try smashing it on the floor expressing joy for each touchdown.

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Wincraft’s NFL snack helmet is your ultimate game night-need because it allows you to enjoy your munchies, like a true NFL fan that you are. It is okay if you don’t like eating your snacks other than in a bowl. You can get these NFL snack helmets to create your very own NFL merchandise collection and let your inner diehard NFL fan shine! 

These highly durable and easy-on-the-eyes snack helmets are pure American made. Just another reason why your true football-loving self, needs to get one, right away! No one else values football games as the Americans do. Other than their USA made, these NFL snack helmets come with removable trays. These are made with high-quality, easy-to-clean, and microwave-safe material.

The Helmet Trays are Dishwasher Safe

These trays are removable and can be washed like any other piece of crockery at your home since it’s dishwasher safe. Furthermore, these NFL snack helmets come in a full-size replica of the actual football league helmet. They come with two additional compartments that act like trays for your snacks and drinks. The tray can be placed in the facemask section of the helmet. While the inner surface of the helmet can act as a bowl for popcorn and chips.

The NFL Snack Helmet can Also be Used as an Ice Cooler

So now when I’m entertaining or Tailgating, my friends are getting heaps and heaps of snacks throughout the game in a super cool tray. With this single NFL snack helmet, you can load as many crisps, nuts, and candies as your friends like during the entire football game. And not only snacks. You can also fill up this helmet with ice for your drinks. So your friends get cold drinks anytime they want, during the game.

So up your game of becoming the best tailgating and house party host and get these NFL snack helmets for your next friends get together. Become the number 1 party king! The Snack Helmets also come in your favorite College Football colors as well.

Just to Sum it up

So just to conclude. These Helmets are a full-size replica of the real thing and made of top quality plastic material making them very durable. Perfect for Tailgating and house parties alike. All the trays are removable, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe. These Helmets come in the logo of your choice and is an officially licensed product by Wincraft. You can be assured that these are built to last.

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  1. Even though football season is over, I decided to go ahead and buy two football snack helmets. I bought an Eagles snack helmet for my grandfather and a Steelers snack helmet for myself. I can’t wait until my grandfather receives his snack helmet. His Eagles finally won a Super Bowl!


  2. Sweet these are awesome will definitely be heading to get me a couple for my NY giants. Do you think that maybe you could offer a package? like two helmets and some football bowls would be nice, to have a whole set of gear for my NFL get together on weekends. I like the idea that they are safe for my dishwasher as well, I hate washing dishes after a lil party!!

  3. i am thrilled that i found your site i am always looking for serving stuff related to my team. do you offer any other side items like football bowls or whistle dishes? i think it would be great if you did. how well do they actually work as coolers? are they insulated to keep things hot and cool? either way be on the look out i will definitely ordering me some giants helmets for the games this season!!

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