Top Running Shoes for Women

Do you run and if so then why? Running is more than just an exercise, staying fit, or shedding some weight; running invokes different feelings to different people. It is an escape route, a field of inspiration, and a means of empowerment. Running makes you feel like a warrior out to conquer the world; well you can’t achieve all this without the perfect running shoes. In this post, you will find what I believe to be the answer to ‘what is the best running shoes for women in 2019’.

Whatever your reason for running, you need the right shoes to avoid injuries to your lower body. What are the right running shoes then? This is a rather difficult question to answer as every shoe is as unique as the runner; however, there are factors to consider when acquiring the perfect running shoes. Aside from the fact that a good running shoe must have good stability, comfort, balance, and be durable; how you intend to use the shoe and how much you run are also necessary criteria in choosing the right pair of shoes.

Top Women’s Running Shoes

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes


The ASICS womens running shoes are a flexible running shoe with gel cushioning soles for added protection and support for the foot whilst running. It comes with a breathable upper and trails specific outsole for any kind of terrain with multiple surface tractions.                                                                    

  • They come in 4 different colors
  • Synthetic uppers
  • Neutral inner mesh with bright overlays
  • High abrasion rubber sole
  • Great fit and comfortable shoe that can be worn casually
  • Easy to clean and maintain even when deep in mud
  • Will require breaking in for long distance runs

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 Running Shoes


The Ghost 10 is an updated version of the Ghost 9 women’s running shoes by Brooks. The Ghost 10 model has exceptional durability, stability, comfort and is a perfect running shoe. 



  • They are flexible, stable, and breathable
  • Super comfortable with extra foot support system
  • Incorporates the BioMoGo DNA foam for unbeatable comfort
  • They are very durable
  • Soft and light outsole with good abrasion for the runner


  • They are most likely to get soaked under a heavy rain shower.

The ASICS Gel Kayano 24 Women’s Running Shoes


The Kayano 24 is an updated version of the Kayano 23 and it is one of the better female running shoes. The Kayano incorporates the gel technology in the heel of the shoe which helps runners deal with shock whilst in motion. They contain flat foam technology for extra cushioning support for the feet.


  • They are comfortable, durable, and very stable
  • They are a perfect fit for runners
  • They use the Dynamic Duomax cushioning to provide excellent shock absorption


  • They are rather expensive 
  • They are too bulky for speed runners 

The ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 11


The artistic, colorful, bold, and adorable runners’ shoe is every woman’s dream with gel system for shock absorption during running. As usual, ASICS proves that they are the king in manufacturing running shoes, the rubber outsole and breathable upper makes this shoe a favorite. It employs the dynamic Duomax technology for extra soft support for your foot. 


  • They have an exceptional moisture control system with perforated sock liner for drainage
  • Excellent for long runs
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Improves runner gait with its shoe impact guidance system
  • Very light


  • Not very durable

The Hoka One One Women’s Bondi 5 Running Shoe


These are arguably the best long-distance running shoes for women currently on the market. The bulky look might not be appealing but they have excellent features that make them a favorite running shoe for women.


  • They are an excellent shoe for marathon runners
  • Durable and super lightweight
  • Made with synthetic mesh that makes them breathable
  • Their speed frame construction increases shock absorption during runs
  • They are  very comfortable
  • They have a wide foot fit for comfortable running


  • Consumers don’t like the bulky look

Nike 5.0+Women’s Running Shoes


The running shoes are lightweight with a breathable mesh upper and rubber sole for comfort during runs. They are bright, cute but quite expensive. But the quality and excellent protection make up for the price. 


  • They are flexible and provide good stability
  • They provide a natural feel of barefoot when running
  • They are  breathable and light


  • The sizing is a bit unusual

Saucony Ride 10 Women’s Running Shoe


The Saucony running shoes for women come at a price which is quite reasonable for the shoe. It is an excellent shoe for short to medium distance runs and has excellent comfort and stability for your feet. The Saucony Ride 10 has an excellent shock absorption rate.


  • They are breathable due to their mesh top
  • They are durable and comfortable
  • The shoe comes with midsole foam for added comfort
  • They are very flexible


  • They have a narrow toe box
  • The traction on the shoes needs to be improved

The ASICS Gel Nimbus Women’s Running Shoes

This runners shoe by ASICS is an excellent brand for all class of runners ranging from beginners to pro runners. The Nimbus 19 has a gradient jacquard mesh upper material that tightens or loosens during a run. They come at a reasonable price for the quality of the shoes.


  • They have an excellent traction system good for off-road runs
  • The flat foam midsole adds extra cushion effect for runners
  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • They have 3D print overlays
  • They come in a variety of colors


  • They will get soaked under a heavy rain
  • They have a narrow toe box

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoes


The Pegasus 34 is an updated version of the Nike Pegasus 33 with improved mesh toe box for added comfort.


  • They are made of a flexible fabric
  • A rubber sole for added comfort during running
  • They are durable and lightweight
  • They come with flywire cable for an improved fit
  • They are comfortable with good stability and support


  • They are not too good for long distance running

FeetMat Women’s Running Shoes


The Feetmat women’s running shoe also doubles as a casual shoe for daily use due to its comfort and style. It is great footwear for all outdoor and indoor activities especially running, jogging, walking, strolling etc. the shoe comes in at a very affordable price.


  • They are ultra light and flexible
  • Its breathable mesh expands to fit your foot during runs
  •  Super comfortable with non-slip rubber sole
  • High elasticity
  • They are durable, made with eco-friendly materials
  • They come with an arch support to provide adequate support during motion
  • It’s a fashion-forward shoe with an excellent shock absorption for impact during running


  • They are not good for long runs

The Champion Women’s Gusto Running Shoes


The shoe, constructed from all man-made material is an excellent shoe for short distance running. They are very comfortable with insole memory foam for that extra cushion effect to push you to run the distance.


  • They are lightweight and very comfortable
  •  A good fit with lace for proper fit
  • Soft to the foot with extra support when in motion
  • Flexible and made with man-made material
  • The rubber sole provides an anti-slip effect
  • They are very affordable


  • some customers complain of them making squeaky noises on wooden floors
  • They are not suitable for long runs

The Adidas Women’s Edge Lux Running Shoe


The Adidas edge women’s running shoe is a bold style with a bouncy sole. The sleek and comfortable insole provides the needed comfort for your foot.


  • They are lightweight and flexible
  • The sock-like insole provides a cushion effect for the foot
  • They come in various colors and sizes
  • They are excellent for running with great stability and comfort

Why We Run

Women are becoming more prominent in the world of running and running helps in many aspects such as:
  • Prevention of diseases: it is a known fact that runners have stronger bones and well-defined muscle structure. It helps curb knee pain due to weight gain by burning excess calories that cause joint pains
  • Running is the easiest exercise routine to incorporate into your daily schedule; it does not need any special outfit except a good pair of running shoes
  • Running is the best workout for the entire body. It burns calories and keeps you mentally and physically fit
  • Running decreases stress and prevents depression. Experts state that running lowers the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. It also lowers cholesterol and prevents stroke.
  • Running makes you live longer, fitter, and stronger. 

How you run

With technology intertwined in every product in the market, the running shoes are not left out of the upgrade too. Running shoes are sold under these four categories

Stability: running shoes need to be stable, especially for runners who over-pronate. Over-pronation is the tendency for a runner’s foot to roll inward slightly when they are in motion.

Neutral/cushioned: a good running shoe should handle the shock of 2.5 times the impact of your body weight each time your foot strikes the ground. A good running shoe should have enough cushioning effect to protect the heel and forefoot. Cushioned or neutral shoes are important if you run twice a week, but if you are a daily runner, step up to the real running shoe.

Motion control: these are designed to fit the shape of your feet. They are non-flexible and heavy shoes that work well for consistent runners with flat feet.

Barefoot running shoes: These kinds of shoes mimic barefoot running as they have less or no cushion at all. They are for long runners and are excellent shoes for marathon runner as it strengthens the leg muscles.

Types of arches

Now that you know the categories of running shoes, the shape of your foot is a determinant in finding a comfortable running shoe. There are three types of foot arches. They are low, medium and high. To know your arch type, stand upright and balance your weight evenly on both feet and observe.

  • If your feet are flat on the floor, you have low arches and runners in this category tend to suffer from stability and overpronation.
  • If a golf ball can fit under your instep, you have a high arch that means your toes roll outward or supinates.
  • If your foot arches are neither low nor high, you have a balanced runner’s foot. Runners with these feet are well-balanced, excellent for running and comfortable with most running shoe designs in the market.

How to purchase a running shoe?

You want to start running and you go “running shoe” shopping. Now there are virtually hundreds of running shoes at the store, different shapes, colors, styles, and designs and confusion sets in when the store attendant asks you how much you run. Eh, what, now you are more confused? Below are some tips to consider before buying a pair of running shoes.

We have several categories of running shoes based on the terrain. They are:

Trail-running shoes: these are designed for rough terrains. Rough, rocky, mud or other obstacles a runner might come across when running on an off-road. The shoes have solid traction and well-equipped with extra support for stability and underfoot protection

Road-running shoes: these are flexible, light, and cushioned shoes that stabilize the feet when running on hard surfaces such as pavements, tarred road or terrains with slight irregularities.

Race shoes: these are for short distance runners or trainers. They are durable and comfortable with the needed sole support.

Cross-training shoes: they are designed for rough terrains or in the gym on a treadmill. They are well-balanced and work well where the runner has more contact with hard and soft cushioned surfaces.

Motion shoes: these are for runners that require heavy and durable running shoes and are best for low arch foot runners

Lightweight shoes: these are shoes mostly recommended for a long distance runner. They are light with a super support system that protects the feet and sole from injuries.

Tips to consider when buying a running shoe

Your present and future aspiration

The first question a good sales assistant will ask you as you enter a shoe store is, are you a professional runner or running for fun and how far do you run? This is to give you the right shoes that will last longer. For example, a new runner will need a running shoe that will cushion your feet as you run until you get used to the system. Runners that cover more than 20 miles or 10 km, or trying out for a marathon need shoes that are more stable or a high-performance shoe with good shock pads to withstand the impact of long-distance running.

Any past injury and how it affects your running

Running is a past time that comes with lots of injuries, especially in the wrong fit shoes. Currently, there are running shoes that are designed to help you run better whilst catering for your injury or provide more support to prevent more injuries. Flexible, lighter, and more cushioned shoes are the best shoes for an injured runner.


This is important because, how your feet react when they hit the floor determines the kind of running shoes that are comfortable for you. A runner’s feet can be overpronated, under pronated or supination. These three are the manner in which your toes curl inward or outward.


As you run the foot swells. It is important to get runner’s shoes that have extra space to accommodate your feet to avoid aches and pains. In choosing the right fit, consider the following:  how your foot feels in the shoes, the support and the sole. The sole of the shoe provides the basic support that the runner needs, so if it starts to crack, it is time to let go for another pair of running shoes.

The feature of running shoes

The running shoe can be broke down into the upper, the midsole and the outsole. These three parts are important in any good running shoe.

The upper part of a running shoe is made of either;

Synthetic leather: uppers made with this material are light, easy to wash or clean, dries faster, flexible, more breathable and durable than real leather with little or no break-in time.

Nylon mesh:  this is used to boost breathability and reduce the weight of the shoe. They are the most common materials used in uppers because of its durability.

Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) overlay: these are normally positioned in the arch and heels of the shoe to enhance stability and as abrasion-resistant to the feet.

Waterproof uppers: this is used inside the shoes to stop water from entering the shoe especially for running in off-road terrains. It also aids breathability and acts as an anti-slip.

The Midsole

This is the inner lining of the running shoes. The materials used for midsoles are to add a cushioning effect to the foot and stability during running. Some materials used are:

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, EVA: it is a foam used in lining the shoe for great cushioning effects. Some running shoes come with more than a single layer to add flexibility to the runner strides.

Post: these are used to aid stability but are harder and help to stop pronation in runners with flat feet.

Plates: they are mostly used in trail runners’ shoes to protect the foot when the shoe hits a rock or any hard surface. The material is thin and flexible and made out of nylon or TPU.

Shanks: these are used to protect the runner’s heels and arch. They are mostly used in hikers’ shoes or off-road runners. It helps boost the shoe strength and provides good support for the runner.

The Outsoles

The outer part of the shoe is mostly made out of rubber because it provides more flexibility, support and it has an excellent cushioning effect on the feet. It is also durable, lightweight, and suffers less wear and tear.

The heel counter: as the name suggests, it refers to the rigid section around the heel of the shoes. This is helpful in runners that suffer from Achilles tendonitis as it provides extra support, motion control, and cushioning effect to the heel.

Medial Post or Torsion Bar: These are located on either side of the shoe to helps control under or overpronation and supinator of the runner’s foot.

Heel-to-Toe Drop: this represents the difference between the height of the heel and toe. Basically, this affects how your foot reacts when it strikes the ground whilst running. For example, a low heel-to-toe drop means that the heel and forefoot are on the same height when the foot strikes the ground while a high drop means that the heel touches the ground before the toes.


Running is the easiest exercise routine that anybody can start without the need of any special equipment except for good running shoes. The above should give you a better insight on running shoes and the type to buy when next you go shopping.

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Daniella · June 7, 2018 at 5:13 pm

Hi there,

I am trying to read your article, but the header hides almost the entire page. It makes it really hard to read the review. Anyway, I could read some of them, and the one I like the most so far is the Champion women’s Gusto. They look fantastic, and they seem to be extremely comfortable. Will check these further on Amazon.

Thank you for this useful post!

    Stuart · June 7, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Hi Daniella, it was a technical fault with the website, it is now sorted and up and running, thanks for letting me know.

Cathy · June 12, 2018 at 8:21 am

A very comprehensive list you have there for women’s running shoes. You pinpointed some features that I know I wouldn’t want like bulkiness and narrow toe box.

Overall, I really like the FeetMat. I am not looking to do distant running and I like the idea of dual purpose shoes so this brand fits the criteria very well. Thanks for all the other information. It feels like I know my shoes a little better now.

    Stuart · June 12, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    No problem Cathy, Im glad you find it informative.

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