The NCAA wireless football helmet speaker

For quite some time, I have been getting excited about the Nima Football Helmet speaker. The officially Licensed Portable Helmet Speaker for NCAA College Football fans. This incredible Wireless Bluetooth speaker didn’t just get its license easily, this became possible because of the quality materials used to produce its components.

The Nima Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a definition of what a modern-day Bluetooth speaker is about. It is better equipped with the latest technology that makes it unique from other brands. Every one of its components is made of high-quality to deliver excellent sound. It also outlasts many others in the same category, it is worth every penny you pay. The Bluetooth wireless speaker is installed in the football helmet to produce a great sound that is no-doubt delightful to many sports fans around the globe.

The Football helmet speaker by Nima

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Design and build

The NIMA Wireless Football Helmet Speaker comes in different colors and sizes, small, medium, and large. leaving users to make their own choice. Its glossy appearance makes it a beauty to behold and feel. 

The football helmet is portable and easy to carry around with you. This makes it convenient for football enthusiasts, and it is easy to fit into your back bag or grab with your hands making it truly mobile. It is also great for outdoor activities, jamming to your favorite tunes at all times. It provides great audio sound from its sub-woofer that fills your ears with a crisp and excellent sound that will allow you to cheer up your team.

They are made of polycarbonate material which is known to have great tensile strength, this accounts for its hard surface and longevity.

Sound Quality of the Football Helmet Speaker

It guarantees a superb, dynamic, and fantastic sound quality. The speaker has a built-in speakerphone, sub-woofer, and microphone. It comprises of many control functionalities such as the play, pause, skip, volume up/down, power button and the status LED.

Interestingly, it is equipped with noise-canceling technology which is not seen in many other Wireless Bluetooth speakers. This technology enables the device to separate your voice and the noise in the background. It cancels the noise and transfers your voice to produce a quality audio output this is important while making calls. Isn’t that great?

Once you have the mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can control full functionality from your device and manage your tracklist to any song that best suits you.

Battery Life

Are you curious to know how long the battery can last? It is no news to know how frustrating a weak battery can be. Moving from your home to the field with your charger looking for any close source of power to charge your Wireless Bluetooth speaker. I am sure no one wants to be in this kind of a mess. To prevent such an occurrence your best choice is the NIMA wireless Bluetooth Speaker it has a built-in battery that can stay for 8 hours of non-stop music.

This device has one of the best battery lives among similar products in the market. The NIMA Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can serve as a portable charger as well. This is handy for any device that is Bluetooth enabled or devices that range from Samsung, HTC, iPhone, and iPad.


Manufactured with the latest Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth connectivity is aimed to give every fan a wonderful audio sound experience. The NIMA Wireless Bluetooth technology has undergone much testing over the years, one such example is having it connected using Bluetooth while streaming from Spotify. It made the music better to listen to, and you can hear all the beats in the song with superb bass.

The Bluetooth wireless speaker connection supports a wide range of 65 feet. Within this range, there is no distortion in the quality of sound heard through the speaker. Now that is impressive!

Connection with a Bluetooth enabled device is easy and pairs automatically to the speaker once it is switched on. You also have the option to use an audio line-in that comes together with the Wireless Bluetooth device. The audio line-in is an impressive 3.5m in length.

What’s in the Box                                 

  • Helmet
  • Charging USB cable
  • Audio line
  • AUX cable
  • User’s manual.


  • Great design Quality
  • Awesome sound
  • Fast charging
  • Wide range connectivity
  • Affordable Microphone for handsfree calling

Final Verdict of the Football Helmet Speaker

Overall this is a powerful device for a football fan to use for tailgate parties, and other outdoor gatherings or activities. It has a superb speaker for producing flawless sound quality, to thrill users. If you don’t own one, you are definitely missing out on a great product that is a good affordable price to most.

This product is made of high standard quality with a top-notch audio delivery. In fact, it is a leader in the industry that has set a standard for others to follow. If you like this product the chances are you will also like this post on tailgating party bundles.

The wireless Football helmet speaker

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  1. This is really cool. I am a die hard LSU tigers football fan, I went to school there, attended all the home football games, and would have loved to play on the football team. But  my body isn’t built for that lol
    I have all types of LSU shirts, coffee mugs, socks, jackets, etc…you name it, I probably got it or on my way to getting it. But this is truly unique, I never heard of a helmet speaker. Its cool looking, useful, and comes in LSU custom. I am definitely going to look into this. Thanks.

  2. It seems like a really cool product!! And definetely a great buy for the football fans. But I suppose it can’t be used by professional football players during their game right??

    It’s meant for fans I suppose. It can make some great noise for you during a match of your favourite team..

  3. Thank You

    I appreciate all the information on these NFL football helmet wireless speakers, I am thinking maybe these would be products some of my friends might be interested in buying I will share your article post with them and I am sure they will check out your site.

    I have always wondered how do they make wireless speakers work, I love this type of product and it amazes me what technology has done today?

  4. This looks very cool. My Dad watches a lot of NCAA games, so he will be sure to enjoy these speakers. His favorite team is Michigan State. He enjoys it when they cream University of Michigan. Every bowl game, he always has a party and I am sure one of these will help us have an even better one.

    When it comes to these speakers, what have other buyers of it been saying? Has it lived up to their expectations? If other people have enjoyed it, then I think it will be a good birthday present for my Dad.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi Alex, I would say 99.9% of reviews I have seen have said these wireless NCAA helmet speakers are awesome and well worth the money.

  5. Hello there! This is a really great piece of device that I could give to my cousin. He’s a fan of football and his birthday is coming up. Instead of buying him a football ticket I could just buy him this football helmet speaker for his birthday. This is really great since he has a favorite team. Thank you for sharing this and hope other football fans will enjoy this too.

  6. Wow what will they think of next! These things look amazing, and by your description they must sound great.
    Do you have one yourself? Are they good for party type situations? Also I only see college, are these available for the NFL?
    Great read, look forward to hearing back from you!

  7. This is why I love the internet. Everything you are looking for is out there. My nephew is a fan of LSU Tigers and his birthday is coming soon. I was thinking what to buy him that will connect him more to his team and I found your article.
    His birthday present is now perfect.
    Thank you very much

  8. Tony Spagnolia

    I was really excited when I saw this as I am a huge Florida Gators fan. I went and checked out how much a large Florida Gators helmet would be and was swamped at the $399 price! I would like a life size helmet but don’t necessarily need all the features. Is there something similar that you could point me to?

    1. $399 is a very good price for such a quality item, the smaller ones are a lot cheaper, they come in 3 sizes, two of which are considerably cheaper.

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